Would rational people buy cup of coffee? (Yet alone virtual coffee)

Cup of coffee costs like couple of euros or something when you go to some fancy coffee house where you get to drink it from a luxury mug.

Pack of coffee beans (and stuff) costs twice that. That makes home made coffee to cost like twenty times less or something. Depending how thick coffee you happen to drink.

Now, we could go lengthy way on arguing the taste of coffee in home and in coffee houses. I’ve tasted coffee in both places and I actually prefer home made ones. But some say otherwise.


Would a rational person go and buy a cup of coffee when he can have 20 cups at home for the same price?

Soon you’ll see plenty of comments rationalizing why it makes sense. We’ll get to see comments about quality, freshness, atmosphere, right blends et cetera.

And after you’ve seen those comments, stop for a moment and really think if those make it any more rational to purchase cup of coffee.

Then, use this information the next time you figure out pricing for your game (or in-game purchases, or anything).

The point is: no matter what you sell, there’s somebody who is ready to purchase it.

If somebody sells virtual coffee, somebody will buy it.

Was thinking of selling virtual coffee here to prove my point but then decided it might not be such a good idea, and not sure if it would be legal for Finnish folks, so not selling any virtual coffee here. Move along people.

Money is in the pocket of a customer
It doesn’t matter what you and I think is rational (or normal for that matter). What matters is what the potential customer thinks.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Taking those into consideration… are you suggesting that bigger budget games should cost me more to buy, since they were more expensive to produce?

  2. Sir, you know nothing of the economics of food & beverage retail. You think fancy coffee houses are charging you for coffee? They’re charging you primarily for labor: it’s the biggest expense that goes into a retail cup of coffee. Same goes for fast food restaurants and everything else of that service-oriented ilk.

    So when you compare the cost at a coffee house to the cost at home, the biggest difference isn’t profit margin on the raw beans, etc. It’s that you’re cutting out the labor. Which, on your own, are labor costs you’d pick up yourself.

    Same is true for restaurant costs versus cooking for yourself. Same is true for paying an automotive shop for changing your motor oil instead of doing it yourself at home.

    However, if you’re willing to come over to my house and clean my toilets for a hefty 50% margin on the pennies cost of the cleaning supplies, please do. It would be a hell of a bargain for me. Clearly labor is worthless to you.

  3. Well, when i buy a cup of coffee the main reason is that i`m not at home…

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