Should I do iPad games? (Here’s a tip on how to decide)

When massive number of people are doing something, my advice is to do something totally different. For example, should I do iPad games because everybody else is doing them as well?

What “everybody else” is doing, doesn’t really matter for me.

But when I see something like this from the godfather of indie devs, then I might reconsider.

If Cliff does something, it’s good to take notes, and consider if you can lend some of his knowledge & experience.

I’m sure he won’t mind.

In case you don’t know who Cliff is, well, his GSB game has got over 100000 people playing it. The game costs about $20 to buy, so do the math.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Another thing: if you don’t have a publisher and still want to stand a chance, you need paid ads. But for those you need money: just a few days will cost you $10.000.
    Another version is using TapJoy, but it will cost you, more than 50% of the profit if you want to be seen.

  2. Well, you need a publisher for your game. If you don’t have one to promote you, then your app will be lost among the other 200 that are aproved each and every day. If you are featured by Apple you have a really good chance to sell. But you won’t be featured without a publisher. And Gameloft/EA/Namco don’t publish other games than their own (with small exceptions). Others like Chillingo and ClickGamer will want up to 50% of the profit.
    Oh, and it’s easier to get in the tops for iPad than iPhone/iPod because there are not that many apps. But the sales are also worse for the iPad.

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