How to create mobile games? Some helpful pointers for newbies (and others)

Everybody and their mom thinks mobile games (I’m talking mainly iPhone/iPad and Android devices here) are such cool thing that I couldn’t help listing a few possibly useful resources. Here, go check em out.

app game kit – from the makers of fps creator and other “build games easily” tools. If you’ve never done any games programming, this might very well be a nice option to check out.

impact js – html5 based system, which can be wrapped inside an iphone app (my buddy Tim will come here, comment this blog post and tell about his cool example app video, just watch this place), or you can easily play games directly through browser. If you know Javascript, this might be good way to go.

monkeycoder – from the makers of blitzbasic, blitz3d, bmax. Mark has created a slick thing that can do not only mobile games, but can cross-compile to almost any platform (when somebody codes more targets). If you know blitz basic stuff, this is good option. Monkey is pretty new, but evolving fast. Keep eye on it.

cocos2d – another pretty cool system to build mobile games. There’s quite plenty of material (including books) about using cocos2d and to me it feels it’s getting bigger.

iphone game kit – tool aimed for beginners. Even if you don’t want to start with iphone game kit, you might want to check out this system. It comes with a huge number of art assets to use in your products. (interestingly, uses cocos2d by the way)

unity – from beginners to more advanced users, Unity offers plenty of options for creating mobile (and other) games.

shiva – bit different to Unity and not so popular, but plenty of useful things that you possibly don’t want to miss, so go check it out as well.

By the way, here’s one blog post written over a year ago regarding mobile games thoughts. It’s a pretty good post to read (comments too).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Allegro 5 targets iPhone too and is very easy to use.

  2. 24 million games downloads on app store for corona sdk …I don’t see that listed as option

  3. It still goes in the “bip-bip, poof dead” extra simple 2D category. Try making something like Cut The Rope and you’ll encounter some problems. Remember that mobiles go around 500 MHz so processor is an issue. Unless you want to limit your game to the top 1GHz+ devices…

  4. It depends on the game. If you want something extra-simple 2D stuff like bip-bip, poof, dead, you might be able to use html5 and wrap it. For anything more complicated, the device will spend more time interpreting the html than making the game work (I’m thinking about physics here).
    Maybe you should look at the big guys. They either write engines from scratch or use Unity/UDK.

  5. Hey, Tim here. I decided recently to switch all effort to HTML5. I do a lot of contract work for web based companies and HTML5 is becoming much more of a requirement. To cut a long story short I decided to see if I could take an old game of mine (and juuso’s) and make it work in the HTML5 realm. I had some headaches with mobile platforms but I made it work!! This game was written back in 2004/2005 – it lends itself well to touch devices.

    I’ve used ImpactJS – took me about 2 days to get the core running properly.

    Anyway, no need for videos.. http://www.indiepath.com/public/geom_html5/index.html

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