I started new secret side project few months ago, hint here…

This is again one of the biggest development processes I’ve been involved. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s bit on the small side, so I can zoom a bit: (2x and 4x zoom)

Still not clear enuf? Here’s the 8x zoom:
(click to open in new window)

We’ll expect to have more detailed information around the end of January 2012.

This also means my card game is most definitely being released during the last quarter of 2011.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Congrats man! I have two and they’ve certainly made me better with time management :)

    They also have a way of swaying your creative endevors…my son loves Helicopters, so instead of a project with a shred of commercial viability I get sidetracked onto “Helicopteropolis” :(

    Can’t beat parenthood, though! Enjoy!!!

  2. WhaaaT?! Well then I guess more congratulations are in order my friend. Now the real fun begins. Managing multiple projects at once on a limited budget (time and money) is pretty damn tricky ;-)

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