I was living in a world without DRM… and then I woke up

Assassin’s Creed (google for DRM related on this). Diablo 3 (you most likely cannot play offline single-player without being online. sigh. Although in Diablo’s case it’s less about DRM and more about in-game purchase greed). NHL goddamn ’12 (at least you cannot play HUT mode if servers go away, and also the game jams every now and then, which I paranoidly suspect DRM – I can go totally wrong).

All these game share common thing, which I call a bug and some business men claim to be “a feature”.

I’m suspecting that the same reason why not all books are made digital is the fact that publishers are afraid of piracy. I’d actually re-buy several of my books if only they were available for Kindle. I’d gladly pay even bit more (although I think fair’n’square option would be to have same price for both physical and digital books) if they would be available.

Back to dreaming.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. DRM increases piracy for two reasons. First all DRM games will be cracked first, because it gives crackers motivation and better fame than cracking some easy game. Second, customers don’t want DRM, so they either download a cracked version, or buy the DRM infected game, and then still download a cracked version to be able to play the game off-line also, and/or to fix other problems with DRM, like that the game is not working at all on their PC.

  2. My guess is “we are afraid of piracy”. I actually don’t mind paying the same price – but I want more availability. Currently if I found 1000 books on topix X, there’s like only 50 kindle editions… and like 2-3 of the top 10 physical book bestsellers have kindle editions.

  3. Why the same price between Kindle and dead tree versions? The cost of materials/manufacture is much lower, so why not pass along the savings to the consumer?

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