New pretty secret card game art arrived

I’ve been working quite silently on my card game, and during this months, some sweet stuff has been happening. One of the sweet things is new art (I admit I like to test the game with visuals, although I must say that I belong to the “gameplay comes first” category of developers). Here’s pic about art that’s replacing my current placeholder art.

That’s quite a leap from serious style to more approachable (in my relatively humble opinion) cartoony style, and I really like how my card deck creator can handle everything to produce new cards.

Stay tuned…

P.S. Funny how it *looks* like progress when you get new visuals, even when in reality the biggest work has been happening – and is happening – in tweaking & testing the gameplay further.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Braiiiiiiiins… braiiiiiiiiiins. *awesome*!

    You’re right about the artwork stuff, of course. It can feel like you’ve gone from 20 to 60% done just by putting final or near-final graphics into a game.

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