I need help with my zombie game characters #zimbcharacters

As mentioned in the previous blog post that appeared minute ago… I need some help with coming up good character classes. If you’d have an idea what character class or profession or such would need to be featured in the game, please suggest one.

Use either twitter (remember to use hash tag #zimbcharacters) or reply here on this blog.

If your suggestion ends up in the game (and nobody else has mentioned it earlier), you will get your name in the credits.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks folks for suggestions (here and in twitter), I now have enough material for deciding characters.

  2. Soldier and Medic were on my list, although I think I can pick some from this list.thanks a lot!

  3. Germs! Germs! Germs! Have some germs! Giant microbes; the post-zombie stage where all the organisms join together into some freaky… thing. A little like the one that me, Mrs Cobras and Baby Cobras caught (TWICE EACH) which I call Tuesdicoccus Daylori because it seems to show symptoms on a Tuesday. I would post this… er, um, idea? … on twitter but I’m so incredibly crap at twitter I wouldn’t know how to use a hashtag right if it ran up, beat the living daylights out of me, knitted my arms and legs into a jumper and rolled me in hedgehogs.

  4. I am not entirely sure how your game works, but…

    What classes there are already?
    Well, for a zombie game, some very classic DND equivalent.
    Boxer\Wrestler\Martial art guy
    Race car driver(if you have cars)
    Teacher (improve skills faster?)
    Pshycologist(moral, hypnotize zombies?)
    Magician(Hmm, make tricks?)
    Worker\Miner\Builder(Chop wood, gather resources, do physical labour)
    Cook\Butcher(Food related stuff)
    Pharmacist\Herbalist(Similar to medic\surgeon)
    Leader(You can think of some sort of CEO or something or some guy like that)
    Comedian\Clown(Like entertainer)
    Game Developer(Actually, quite pointless in a zombie apocalypse, unless he has some sort of vast knowledge about zombies from games)

    That’s it, out of my head.

  5. In my game players work in the same team :)

    … Except one is secretly against others, but you don’t know who it is.

  6. Ow, sorry.
    So, this character can be a trap or not to the player. This trap character can be used for your use or to the opponent.
    The player has this trap character on the table, turned down.
    The opponent doesn’t have a ‘make the cards turn up ‘ (example name), so the player can use.

    (May be the way what that can work) This character trap card can pause the actions of the opponent for one (I guess) round, or rescue some important card to be used in the same round.
    And the same situation can be made by the opponent, IF the opponent has the magic card.
    I think this can be a nice card, if I am thinking in the right way about your card game.
    What you think?

  7. That’s related to mechanism, not actually a character class… but nevertheless, can you elaborate more about how this would work – example perhaps. I’m not so sure what you suggest here…

  8. Why not some card about a character what isn’t completly a zombie, but he is lost about who him have to catch?
    It’s a character where the other player can influence (IF he use a specific magic card). It’s a trap character, I guess.
    Hope this helps.
    Good lucky.

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