Some more Infected game art

I’m working on a card game. At the moment this is not a computer game*, but a card game played using real cards. The cards wre very special, and here’s couple of examples.

*There will be online computer possibility too, but it won’t look like your typical card game either. More on that at some point

The game consists of several different type of decks: mainly being zombie deck and hero deck, but with also some special cards (such as “leader” card and few more). Zombie deck contains event names, and these have been pretty much suggested by you guys last February. Zombie deck is the most unique deck since it has so much going on in there.

Now, I do want to include some characters in the game, as somehow I feel that the game almost requires to have them. For this I need help, and will do a blog post about this in a minute.

With that being said, I’m really pleased about how my existing art can be replaced with fresh style and this really makes the game feel more unique when each of my card doesn’t look like a duplicate.

And yes, Dynamite belongs to “self defence” category…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hello there,

    A while ago I attempted to make a Zombie computer game. Feel free to check out the site and use any of the character classes, or other information as inspiration. I have opened all the information up for anyone to use. If you end up using a lot, a credit would be appreciate. If you end up using one or two ideas don’t worry about it. Hope it helps jog some ideas for you!

    Good luck,

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