Here’s why I cannot steal your game idea even if you want me to

Some reasons:

  • I don’t care about your idea: I don’t mean to be harsh, but… I have plenty of ideas. Why would I care about your idea?
  • If I’d wanna steal a proven game idea, I’d clone [insert random hit game here] and do something bit differently: There’s proven selling games out there already, so I really don’t care about your idea.
  • I would have to change it anyway: One of the most fun things in game development is working on *my* idea. I wanna do *my* ideas. My my my. I don’t want *your* idea. I want mine.
  • Your idea isn’t that new or unique: Let’s say you have killer idea. That’s cool and all, but it’s already been done. There is some game out there with same or similar idea. It’s been done in some ways. Your idea is not that new. Mine isn’t either, but it’s easier to lie to myself about this.
  • It’s the implementation that counts: Minecraft’s idea is not new. There was plenty of games that had the similar idea. Minecraft was done somewhat differently, with different perspective. In the way developer wanted. It was his work on that idea that counted.
  • We all have ideas already, and new coming: If we focus on getting ideas, it’s pretty simple. We can check out Kongregate, we can check out Steam, Big Fish Games, AppStore and many other places, filled with games to get ideas. We can check tv, outdoors and whatnot. They too are filled with ideas. Ideas are cheap to come up with. Making the idea into reality, that’s different story. Quiz for you. Which one of these takes more time: (A) come up with an idea about a mmorpg where hundred billion people shoot ninjas with lasers, or (B) make that idea happen.
  • Even if I’d want to steal your idea, I cannot: no matter how much you explain to me the game idea – I don’t 100% get it. I miss at least 1% of what you meant and would do something differently. And then it wouldn’t be your idea anymore, as you wanted something else, I something else.
  • But most importantly: I don’t want your idea. I have “my” own idea. I wanna do my ideas, not your ideas. Okay?

Indies are egoistic.

And that’s a good thing.

The difference between an Indie and an AAA game couple of AAA games that I’ve seen


  • Random Indie game: Let’s you play the single player even when their server is down
  • AAA game Nasty AAA game NHL ’12, Diablo 3, Assassin’s Creed: Doesn’t allow you to play the game because their damn server cloud is down or something.

Saving game:

  • Random Indie game: Allows you to save the game
  • AAA game Nasty AAA game NHL ’12: Corrupts the save game file for some reason after you’ve played one round of ice hockey (*ahem*). I suspect some sort of special nasty DRM to prevent piratism. It’s bit annoying for those who actually bought the game.

Is it just me, or are certain AAA games trying to force us customers from playing the games thanks to their DRM?

My Portal 2 co-op review: 100 out of 100

I co-op played Portal 2 for a few hours with a buddy of mine. The game is super-duper fun. There’s nothing I’d remove, nothing to add.

Portal 2 co-op gets 100 out of the 100 points from me, based on the first hours. I was considering 99 points due loading times, but decided to go all the way. 100 points it is. I heard some people reduce points when games are “too short”, but “too short” game for me most likely means “time passed way too fast when playing this game”…

It has all the necessary qualities to make a fun gaming experience, here’s some highlights:

  • Bought a 2 pack via Steam sale, so it cost like 9ish euros per copy. Which is like almost criminally cheap.
  • It has short levels: easy to play in short bursts.
  • Co-op. I luv co-op.
  • It beats puzzle games: normally in single-player puzzle games if you get stuck, fun goes out of the window. In Portal 2, you have buddy to play the game with. That means you both can try give parts of the solution.
  • Network works. That’s a pretty good for a multiplayer game.
  • Simple menus: no fooling around, just click’n’play in no time.
  • “One more turn” aka one more level. I just want to keep going.
  • Clean and good graphics that fit the game

I try and come up with flaws or bad things in that game (of course I’m thinking from my subjective point-of-view)… but there isn’t really any. Maybe the loading times could be bit faster, but hey – I survived C64 cassette loading, waiting few seconds is just good for me.

Maybe I change the rating after playing the game all the way, but I must say that good job devs.