Time for another “how many bought Steam games are you actually playing” poll

This poll is relatively simple, and will show that we are damn good customers!

  1. First, count how many bought Steam games you have in your library. (If you are not sure, just take a rough guess)
  2. Then, count how many games have you played at least for 2 hours

Divide “games played” with “games count” to get percentage, and answer the poll here:

I have about 30 bought games in steam, and less than 10 that I’ve played more than 2 hours. That’s 10/30, aka roughly 33%.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. 502 games, average of 2-3 hours played on 30-40 games. You do the math. I like buying games and reading / checking out what kind of things you can do in them, but as for playing them, I have the time, but I lack the motivation I guess. :P

  2. I’ve noticed that Steam is not a game shop. It’s a *game* where your goal is to buy more games than your buddies and then go to random websites to talk about how many games you own.

  3. Not sure how to answer to your question but… 121 games? wow.

    You like buying games? :)

  4. I have tried them all but finished only like 5% of my 121 games.

    It happened to me more than once, seeing a promotion, click buy and see that I already own it and can only gift it. Oh right, :P

  5. I have 121 games on Steam, and only played 19 (15%) of them – however, I also bought a lot of “second copies” of my favorite games on Steam, games I own and have played to shreds in the past (Space Quest series, Space Empires IV, Morrowind, the first Half Life series, Beyond Good and Evil and a number of other ones) just for the convenience of being able to play them whenever wherever, if the fancy strikes me, but I have never even installed them with Steam. What do I do with those? Should I subtract them from the total of games owned because they are just second copies I bought for the service and not for ownership, or should I add them to the number of games played, since I have indeed played them sometime in the past, just not on Steam?

  6. I did a count especially for you.

    117 that I remember playing, ever out of 481 games. This number is a little staggered given that I count all expansions to games that I have played (regardless of whether I used them – this might account for 10%), I counted games that I played only for long enough to vaguely remember the first level (20%), and I counted games that I played before I owned them on Steam (20%).

    And like Tanhaydar says:
    I have games in my list that I don’t even remember if/when I bought.

    I think that I’m addicted to buying games rather than playing them :(

  7. Yeh, I keep saying the same. Although every year I add more games… it’s vicious neverending cycle.

  8. I really didn’t have time to play them all, but through the rest of the year I will rise through the ranks towards 80-90%.
    THe same goes for the GOGs ;)

  9. I seem to have 54 games but that includes a lot of variants of HL2 and HL1 games (Team Fortress Classic, Ricochet DoD, etc..). I’ve also won 2 games so lets say I’ve got 40 bought games. In the end it seems like there are 8 bought games that I haven’t played for more than an hour all of them with the exception of Audiosurf where from indie bundles so thats 80% games played.

  10. I at least try all of them. I consider “went through the first level” or something comparable as “played”.

  11. I’ve played most of them, so I went for 81-100%. I own 121 games apparently, and there’s only a few I haven’t played. Most of them from the Humble Bundles, the GTA bundle and the Half-Life Bundle.

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