China, you are not alone – here comes the Great Firewall of Finland

First, I must point out that I dislike piracy.

But if censorship is the alternative “solution”, then I welcome piracy. If I have to choose between “piracy is ok” and “censorship is ok”, then I choose “piracy is ok”. Besides, in this case, censorship has zero effect on actual piracy. Which means my tax payer money just got wasted in Finnish court, thank you very much.

Today, it was reported that Finnish court decided that ISP must block certain domain which parrot lovers use to search illegal stuff, and this is pretty shitty thing to do.

(sarcasm) I would link to the page but my site might get to the Finnish block list so I won’t (/sarcasm).

The fact that Finnish Court can order ISP to block domains, that’s bad. Really Bad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite against piracy, but censoring domains is not the way to fight piracy (if you are into that sort of thing).

Now, the court ruled that one of the Finnish Internet operators (we have few major ISP) must block it’s customers access to thepiratebay.org.

The people who use TPB can do the following though:

  • They can use thepiratebay.se
  • They can use google.fi for illegal torrent search
  • They can use million other similar search sites to find the stuff they want. Blocking 1 site has absolutely no difference to those who wanna pirate stuff
  • They can use OpenDNS (thanks @taboobuilder) or whatnot to get to thepiratebay.org

What now happens is the following:

  • TBP just got more fame.
  • The copyright owners who started this court thing, don’t realize that they do more harm to themselves with this. Now TBP and other sites just get more publicity when different medias cover it, and more people might start to think “hey, I wanna pirate too!”
  • We might be entering in censorship era here in Finland.

I talked with one pirate who never buys movies (he buys music instead) who said that he actually uses google for searching torrents. He says it’s much better search engine system than TPB.

So, the next logical conclusion is that Finnish Court also blocks Google. And who knows, some people might share links via Facebook or Twitter, so let’s block those as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not supporter of piracy.

But I hate this sort of stupidity.

Censoring site this way is wrong way to fight piracy.

And we really should not be “anti-piracy” but “pro-customers”.

We can try stop people who never buys our stuff from getting our stuff for free, but I think better idea is to concentrate on giving absolutely superb stuff for those who want to buy our stuff.

Just saying.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Just wanted to let you know that thepiratebay.ee is a scam site and not a real option. Just try to download a torrent there and you’ll notice they want to charge you for it :)

  2. [QUOTE]Censoring site this way is wrong way to fight piracy.
    And we really should not be “anti-piracy” but “pro-customers”.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, well that’s just basic government you know… it’s not just with piracy, it’s with pretty much anything where they’re not getting in on the action (getting taxes from sales and such) just take this very basic example; “the war on drugs”: all them politicians are “anti-drugs” but not one of them is “pro-health”. They just want to punish people, not help anyone.

  3. Bit late to the party, here in Belgium they’ve been blocking the most popular torrent sites for a while now. TPB gave us depiraatbaai.be instead lol :p and once they block that TPB just give us another domain :p it’s funny really.

    But not That funny because as you said… cencorship and all that, it’s just really not cool. But don’t worry, it’s not just Finland… it’s starting everywhere. -_-

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