New game art arrived

I’ve been working on my Infected card game. It’s a physical cooperative card game for 1-4 players.

Some new character art arrived, and now I’ve got pretty much all the art I need. I’ve ordered bunch of decks again from Artscow and waiting them to get shipped to my place.

Here’s art, created by Anton Brand (really recommend him if you are into this sort of artistic style).

Each of the character has hitpoints (top left) which determine how many wounds they can take before things get nasty (they won’t die though). Each character also has unique once per game ability, which they can use in tough situations. Last but not least, each character has item skill – which means they can benefit slightly more of those items during the course of the game.

Here’s the Veteran:

And here’s the Redneck.

When the new deck of cards arrive, I shall finalize balancing & testing the game… and then we get one step closer to finish line.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Very interesting, are you going to share more about this design and how the game works?

    As for the font, I think it is because it is on digital format that some people might say what they say above. However, you could consider vertical text for weapon and name. While the ability text could be placed on the bottom showing more of the art and character face?

    | R | | C |
    | E | | H |
    | D | | A |
    | N | | I |
    | E | | N |
    | C | | S |
    | K | | A |
    | W |

  2. Me too I find it a bit annoying that I can’t see the character’s face well, especially the veteran – can’t see his eyes. I’m no expert, but you might want to check other gameboards for card styles. In most of them the art on the cards is something special to enjoy while holding them. Games like Magic the Gathering bring this to extreme – might not be your case, but still, you want to see the eyes of your character :)

    Also check with Last day on earth and Zombies!!!

  3. Thanks guys. It looks somewhat different when the card is printed. It’s possible to reduce the size of the box, but I prefer big font in cards for better readability.

    We’ll see. Layout is easy to change so might look into this, but not sure yet.

    This is still just 1 order, for more testing. Not the the final.

    As for playtesting, I’ll put that offer in my todo list. I’ll get back to you at some point.

  4. I’d agree with MC’s comment, in an ideal world, however have no issue with the way it looks as it stands. Since you’ve already ordered prints of the cards seems a bit of a kick in the teeth to suggest changes at this stage. :D that said something to consider for a subsequent edition?

    Still really really interested in playtesting this and would happily pay to have some shipped over our way to give it a test with my housemates/pz teammates when you think it’s solid enough to? Would gladly sign an NDA if necessary to make you comfortable with that. :)

  5. i think the white text is too simple,.. and it blocks the picture… The text should be apart (in a box below the picture) imo

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