Valve’s Steam Box could be nice, if…

It’s been rumoured that Valve might be bringing something called Steam Box. Rumour has it that it basically could be some sort of PC/windows system that would “replace” console. You would use a controller to play games… and I’d suspect if such thing appears, Steam shop would be well integrated there.

If there would be “PC console”, I think it could work…:

  • If there was a proper controller. PS3 bluetooth based wireless controller is superior. If Steam Box is ever made, it would require this.
  • Controller based UI without keyboards or mouse. This I see hugely important: the reason why I like playing my PS3 is that I just press couple of buttons and it’s all good. Nice big TV, comfortable sofa. With PC, I need to go to my basement and mess with mouse and keyboard and stuff. It would be hugely important to have user interface that you can easily control: PS3 has great, simple user interface.
  • If it would play movies and such too… now that would be a big deal. PS3 is a really nice media player as well, but it’s sometimes bit hassle to play movies from the hard drive. I first need to do magic in my PC, and then move my Moomins to PS3 before watching. If Steam Box would be PC powerered… all this might become simpler.
  • Moddable parts: strenght (and weakness too) of PC is moddable parts. Bearing in mind that Steam Box is all rumours… I feel that if it ever was done, and if I could easily change or add a new hard drive… or increase memory or change video card, then it might be interesting take on console world. In a way it’s bad as things get bit complex to develop when there’s no standard device, but in a way that might be such a new approach into console gaming that it might be fun.

And of course it might require some millions of people to purchase the thing…

It’s all rumours at this point, but Valve might be doing a big favor to world with this thing. It opens up development possibilities for indies for sure. Xbox, PS3, Wii and other consoles don’t like indies as PC does… so having a PC console would rock quite well.

Waiting to hear more about this matter.

“PC gaming is dead”, yeh right…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I have only PS3, so that was the reason why I used it as comparison. I guess you could replace “PS3” with “xbox” in the blog post.

  2. G’day Juuso – can you see any of the XBox’s strengths translating to the Steam Box? (I only ask because you mention a few strengths of the PS3…I have both a PS3 & XBox and I’m wondering if they’re interchangeable in your comments).

    Cheers, Thomas

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