Multiplayer gaming gone cloud

I’ve been so focussed on my card game (now waiting arrival…) that I didn’t know what’s been going on in the multiplayer side of things. And boy, it’s a new world out there.

The first that got my attention was Photon server/cloud. Exit Games has a nice system that gets rid of tons of headache (packet sending, connections and whatnot). Their system is worth checking, and it integrates nicely with Unity (comes with demos too).

Second thing that got my attention was PubNut. It’s a darn simple & fast messaging system. I checked the Monkey demo using pubnut and got it up and running, sending messages back and forth in minutes.

When I first tested developing UDP framework around 2001, I can assure, it wasn’t minutes. Also around 2007 when I knew what I was doing… it wasn’t minutes. Sure, there’s of course many things that you still gotta figure out (authorative servers, what you actually send, persistent data and such), but it’s nice that there’s services that take away some pain in online multiplayer gaming.

I’ve barely checked out what’s out there, so any comments & suggestions for resources is most welcome.

Juuso Hietalahti