Bastard traitor zombie, #7dfps and some zoo information

The 7 day FPS challenge has begun. To those unfamiliar with the subject, check out

Challenge begun a few days ago.

And so did neighbour renovations. It’s bit strange to sit in toilet, wearing those anti-noise things you put on your head, while the floor is shaking. This took 2 days.

So, this means first 2 days of my 7 day project went traveling. We traveled with kids around the city and I was so exhausted couldn’t get anything done for the project. Well, a bit of thinking happened, but not really much anything.

(Off-topic: I learned that group of 3-5 year old kids in one small place… it’s… it’s like monkeys in a zoo. Except there’s no fences anywhere. It was crazy action. One kid hide under some stuff, one other kid threw stuff around and 3rd one tried to jump on top of the first one. I’m surprised everybody got there alive.)

Anyway, back to the FPS challenge topic.

3rd day: I was about to code, when I got super nasty headache. I believe I have some sort of air pressure meter there. When thunder storms approach, my head hurts. So, 3rd day went there, nothing done. Couldn’t even think.

Now we are in day 4. I knocked together a page for my game (due time constraints I spent about 2 seconds thinking the name), put together some existing old code, threw in raknet and got server & client running there.

So, looks like I have bit of catching up to do… but we are good to go.

Juuso Hietalahti