Valve will introduce a Kickstarter-like service, me thinks

Steam is the place to sell finished games. Greenlight is the way to get existing games to Store. What they are missing is development phase sales.

Kickstarter and different other crowdsourcing systems have created (or changed) market opportunitities.

Steam has all the resources, customer base and everything they’d need to compete in this market area.

If Steam (and greenlight) would be place to:

  • Fund the develop games (let’s call it “Steam Seed”)
  • Find existing projects & games to get to Steam (Steam Greenlight)
  • Then also release & sell games (Steam store)

I think there would be plenty of devs joining that bandwagon.

Not taking stance whether it’s for the good or the bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happening.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well they have around 300 developers, and they’re really freeform. I’m sure someone there is tinkering with the concept, it’s just a matter of doing something different and/or worthwhile, I’d imagine. I’m sure if they got a good idea for it, they’d do it (eventually). I’d imagine they could recruit the crew doing upkeep on the Steam client and website for the job.

  2. That could be a great idea for Steam as they have (as you said) all the needed resources for such a project.
    However, they already have other projects: HL3, Steambox (?), and so on…
    Do you think they will have the time to start this project ?

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