Anti-spam plugin Quiz, please help testing

Would be pretty cool if you could comment this blog post. You first have to provide correct anti-spam answer.

Thanks in advance.

(If you encounter any trouble, please tweet me @gameproducer)

P.S. I’m using the quiz plugin here.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Will try it. Does everyone get the same questions btw?

    • Check out the plugin page. There’s info on that. I just created one custom question, and everybody sees that. Humongous impact on spam… as in there isn’t any. Hasn’t been a single spambot comment for days now.

  2. Which plugin are you using?

    You may want to remove “proudly powered by WordPress” from your blog footer, and the meta generator tag — you wouldn’t want to be identified and hacked by any mass WP script kiddie attack.

  3. Snow is colder than lava because games have taught me blue is cold and red is hot.

  4. Oh, I hope I got it right. I’d hate to find out I was a robot!

    No. Wait.

    I think I’d love that actually.

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