Anti-spam plugin Quiz, please help testing

Would be pretty cool if you could comment this blog post. You first have to provide correct anti-spam answer.

Thanks in advance.

(If you encounter any trouble, please tweet me @gameproducer)

P.S. I’m using the quiz plugin here.

Juuso Hietalahti


    • Check out the plugin page. There’s info on that. I just created one custom question, and everybody sees that. Humongous impact on spam… as in there isn’t any. Hasn’t been a single spambot comment for days now.

  1. Which plugin are you using?

    You may want to remove “proudly powered by WordPress” from your blog footer, and the meta generator tag — you wouldn’t want to be identified and hacked by any mass WP script kiddie attack.

  2. Oh, I hope I got it right. I’d hate to find out I was a robot!

    No. Wait.

    I think I’d love that actually.

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