What if it wouldn’t cost anything to clone physical objects?

What if physical objects could be easily cloned. what would happen to ownership? If somebody owns a banana that can be replicated instantly, would it change anything? What would you do, if you had the power to clone bananas very, very cheaply:

A) deliver almost free food everywhere in the world
B) patent the banana and require everybody to pay for each additional banana that’s cloned
C) do something else

What you think?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. This question reminds me of 1889.ca’s Pig and the Box.


    A “children’s story” that explores the ability to reproduce goods. And also some old chinese proverb that ended with the corpse of someone’s grandfather falling into a similar box… still, similarities, right?

  2. Some black holes are in such state that they throw out huge amount of almost pure energy. If we could harnest the energy of such source for just a second… it would be enough to cover the energy need of our planet for a year (disclaimer: check exact numbers).

    The point is…. IF mankind figures out how to use sun or some other energy source free, but if a company has a patent over this (that would allow anyone to get free energy) it would be a tricky situation.

    Assume that there was almost free technology Sunlight Soaker 3000. That would allow you to get all the energy you ever need. It would be like portable, super efficient sunlight energy capturer. Would work even at night, winter time, under water, and would be 100% reliable and super-highly efficient. And the Sunlight Soaker 3000 would be easy & cheap to manufacture.

    Would you rather have that one company owns the patent… or that there would be no patent?

    And does it make a difference if you’d be the one holding the patent… :)

  3. I would focus my business attention on producing the replicators. But that may be senseless when organic stuff like bananas can be cloned. Cloning devices like replicators would forego instant fruits.

    IMO it boils down to controlling the energy supply for the devices. Energy can’t be cloned or pirated (in the sense of software). It just can be stolen.

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