“Dinner is ready!” and other thoughts about IAP

A funny tweet by Daniel Cook regarding IAP got me thinking that not all IAP is necessarily bad. In fact, I think there could be two ways to categorize In App Purchases. One is “while playing” and other is “while not playing”.

For example, if I’m playing Magic the Gathering with friends and suddenly a salesguy walks in… trying to sell me new cards, I would not appreciate that. It’s my turn and I’m thinking of spending mana here, and *pof* that guy wants me to buy new stuff? Not cool.

That’s “selling to me while I’m playing” which isn’t that nice.

Now, if that salesguy would set up his shoppe outside my friend’s home… and was standing there after I’ve finished playing. If he then would show that there’s additional content to be purchased easily, I would appreciate that.

That’s “selling to me (if I choose to listen) while not playing”, which is good. Also, I’m not talking about what sort of content is being sold. That’s a separate topic in itself.

The point is: not all IAP are evil as is, some can serve the customer.

Remember how it was when your mom told you to join the dinner table while you were intensively playing?

I don’t want IAP to be like that.

Juuso Hietalahti