The best advice I’ve ever received about game development

“Ignore everybody.”

The biggest problem of course with this piece of advice is this: does this also apply towards the person who said the line in the first place?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My version of it is Ignore anything that doesn’t help you though more often than not it means exactly to ignore everyone. Tis not an easy feat because the real ignoring starts when faced with the consequences of shunning social pressure, not when you merely close your ears.

    On the grammar rules bit: more fruitful than pretend they’re not there is to use them as tools, ways to converge or stray from the norm, the expected, the neutral, the safe.

    My 2 cents (virtual because do you guys even have cents anymore?)

  2. No matter how competitive the field is really doesnt say how you should define success.

    You might enjoy reading the book “Ignore everybody…” by Hugh MacLeod.

  3. If only it were that easy. As hard as I try, I cannot follow that advice. I often compare myself to others (especially the most famous and revered developers), which, admittedly, makes me depressed. I want to be “good enough,” so I compare myself to them and pick at my flaws. I guess it’s a toxic mindset to have, but creative fields are so competitive.

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