10 thoughts on “Game dev jamming in a nutshell

  1. Fili

    Yup, quite sure :) When you’re in a pro team, there’s producers, milestones, release dates that must be respected (think about delivering the new Iron-Man game 5 months after the Iron-Man movie hits the market).
    On a micro scale, you could say some stuff goes back&forth, like unit balancing or fine tuning a game mechanic (I had to increase and decrease the armor on a plane about 6 or 7 times until we got it right).
    But on a macro scale everything goes forward, you can see progress. If you compare today’s build with the one from last week, there will be changes. Anything like less crashes, 2 new missions, removed that annoying bug that caused your name to appear green instead of white.
    You never experience that “going in circles” feeling in a pro team…

    1. Fili

      I think it’s something like this animation (yeah, my masterpiece).
      Even if it looks like you’re going back, the whole project is moving forward. There’s no other way :)

  2. Fili

    You mean game development at home with no clear purpose, plan or motivation. When you start doing this in a professional environment, it’s very different.

    1. Fili

      Well, it’s the three typical developers there: the one that keeps getting late and dragging the team, the steady-going and the rabbit that gets too far ahead and then has to get back :)

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