The Infected cards on a kitchen table… and on a virtual kitchen table

I was browsing some earlier photos of the physical version of the game and just had to share this.

Here’s two images showing how the game looks on my kitchen table in a real world (I’ve used plastic sleeves, which cause bit of shinyness, but I’m sure you get the picture) and pretty similar situation in the virtual version.

More information coming soon. Stay tuned.

The Infected card game coming soon

I’ve been working on my The Infected card game for quite a bit now… and decided to give myself bit of extra work before the release. In addition to physical version, I’m creating a digital version of my card game. I’m using Unity and based on brief testing, it looks like I can get Windows, Mac and Linux builds done with just a few mouse clicks.

The digital version currently is only for one player (while the physical version is up to 4 players). The setting simulates a real tabletop games… meaning that there’s no flashy highlights and tutorials. No, instead you actually gotta pick up that rulebook pages on the table and read them… in-game. Same goes for cards: game isn’t telling where you must move those pieces. Physics and few actions (mouse controlled) let you do everything you need.

Here’s a screenie… (click for HD version)