Wilderness survival games

I’ve been doing some hunting for wilderness survival games, and here’s some of the games I’ve encountered. Finished or in development. If you have some games to add to the list, please let me know and I can expand the list. No zombies in this list.

Rust (Open-world, multiplayer)

Stomping land (Dinosaurs survival, multiplayer)

Miasmata (Exploration, adventure)

Under the Ocean (Crafting, exploration)

Before (Tribe survival)

Don’t starve (Resources & magic)

Into the Long Dark

There’s also bunch of other survival game projects. For example the project Alone seems to have been abandoned. Another wilderness survival game Strive seems to be in some sort of delay trouble too.

If you know some games that should be added to this list, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Wilderness survival games

  1. Minecraft ist missing

  2. Try this….http://www.eriver.webeden.co.uk

    Or in development, this… http://alaskancabin.webeden.co.uk

    Not as grand of some of the games mentioned BUT a little more purist as regards being a true wilderness survival game.

  3. Thomas Williams

    Thanks for these Juuso. I’ve played a little “Don’t Starve” but found the amount of time I needed to put in daunting.

    Not so for Minecraft where the missus and I played heaps just to see what could be done.

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