The Infected game is now finished

Today, I’ve done something pretty cool. I’ve finalized and released my very first physical card game The Infected card game and the mobile version for android (which also happens to be my first real mobile game).


What’s the game about?
The Infected begun as a physical card game, and that’s the main focus.

My card game is a relatively small game (can be carried in one decent sized tuckbox that holds all the 108 cards). It’s a cooperative & competitive game for 1-4 players. This means there can be one player or up to 4 players playing the game simultaneously. Before starting the game, the players can play the game cooperatively — everybody in the same team.

Alternatively, the game can be played in a traitor mode: where everybody knows only their own team but cannot tell to which team each other player belongs to. There can be one “infected” and then the remaining players are in the “human” team.

The basic mechanics include some resource control and managing (your items, allies and such) and pushing your luck (how much items you invest to build your defences this round?) and cooperation (discussing when to use the leader skill, allies, and so on). And of course bluffing & being a good traitor (hoarding good items, losing battles on purpose, using allies on bad times, taking unnecessary wounds and so on).

The digital edition (currently available only on Android)
There’s also an android version available that mimics the physical version as much as possible. For starters, you need to read the 17 or so pages long rules before you can play. There’s no “UI tips” and guides telling you to “place a card there”. No, instead the digital edition simulates a kitchen table. Cards are 3d objects in a space where you can move them, flip them around, shuffle them and so on.

The game doesn’t enforce you to do anything, it just provides a setting: here are the cards, it’s up to you to play with them. The digital edition is made to give you a taste what the physical version is, and to learn to rules. It works fine for 1-player games (although I guess it might be possible to play 2-3 player cooperative “pass-the-tablet” type of games) as that’s what it’s designed for.

The digital edition assists in couple of things: the bare bones setup (location of item deck, zombie deck and so on), deck shuffling and such. But the idea is that the app simulates the physical version as much as possible.

The user interface of the physical version, in my own opinion, is pretty slick and you need only 2 fingers to do tons of things:

  • You can use one finger to drag’n’drop a card
  • While moving a card, you can tap the screen to flip a card
  • If you move a card to the right side of the screen, you get to see a nice close-up view
  • If you double tap a pile of cards, you shuffle them
  • If you touch the “table”, hold down, you get to move the camera around
  • If you use two fingers to pinch (in or out), the camera view zooms

It’s been a long journey…
I started making first version of the game several years ago. It was supposed to be a “simple card game”. Eventually it became one yes, but my eyes have been totally opened by all the requirements what physical card game making requires. Testing is totally different. Typos are totally annoying. Shipping times are totally different. Everything is very different.

But, more about lessons learned in a future blog post.

Today I’m happy to announce my card game: The Infected: 22 Cards Later. Available at the Gamecrafter store (physical version) and at the Play store (digital android version).

This is pretty cool.

Juuso Hietalahti


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