Carnival of Game Production – 6th Edition

It’s been some time since the last Carnival of Game Production, and we have got some really good articles to show you today.

The topics range from marketing to business to accounting to games to voice acting to sales to game outsourcing and more.


Jake Birkett wrote several good blog posts, and three of them are listed here. 3D graphics in “Casual” games, My Latest Game is at the Alpha Stage (good breakdown of hours) and Can you make a living developing casual games?. More good articles can be found from Jake’s blog.

L. Waymire sent a good article titled The Voices of Justin Gross. That is the voice of actor Justin Gross, as recorded for the hero-turned-villain Arthas in the video game “Warcraft III.” – some good points in the article, check it out.

Roman sent a link to Learn how you can sell more games without spending a penny – which contains some sales info worth checking. Roman also wrote an article titled Cross-selling statistics from More good posts in his blog.

Mike Harmon sent information on Planning an business trip that contains some information about accounting that people should be aware of.

Matt Hanson talks about the importance of credibility in his Custom Made Jingles, Commercials and Music for Television and Radio. This stuff can be applied to gaming as well.

Eric Hudin wrote an article titled From iPhone to YouTube – The Viral Marketing Method that discusses creative ways to market your products.

Warren Wong wrote a bit different article called Video Games And The Human Race. Article might not give practical information to use for game production, but it gives some things to think about: where are we heading?

Writers Cabal published an article on getting projects done by other people: 7 tips on outsourcing from GDC China. Some good ideas to think about.

Peter Quinn wrote an article: 10 Tips For Effective Negotiations in Life and Business – something every producers needs to read.

Sagar Satapathy lists the Top 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations. Now you never ever need to figure out where to go on your next holiday.

Danogo sent us a post about How to Make Real Life Money in the Second Life Virtual World. That article shows us that games are not just virtual fun – people are making real livings inside games.

That’s all folks for this edition. The next (7th) edition will be published when I get around links to roughly 10-20 good articles.

If you want to participate in the next edition, feel free to contact me and submit your article link.

Carnival of Game Production – Fifth Edition

It’s time for the fifth game production carnival edition. This time there are interviews, several game production articles and couple of articles for frugal producers.



Ben submitted Ricochet infinity preview – see interview with James C. Smith about the new Ricochet game. Very good stuff also about how their team approaches product development.

Somebody sent me a link to game designer interview: Life As A Game Designer is a video interview with Harry Ravenswood, who’s Lead Designer at Kuju. You will hear all about what he does for a living, how people can get into it, and more. Check it out.

Game Production

Den wrote an article that explains Why indie game engines suck. It goes bit on the rant side – but some worthy comments for anyone dealing with game engines.

Adrian Crook – producer at Relic Entertainment – provided a fresh look on MMO genre. Check out his article: Top 10 Ways to Remove Barriers to Entry in MMOs and Virtual Worlds. Many of the ideas are applicable for other types of business as well.

Bill – one of our readers – mentioned an articlewritten by Tim Devaney. Article was titled The Five Best Business Video Games of All Time, evaluate yourself.

Sarper has written a resource that every producer needs to take a look at: Do You Have What it Takes to Produce a Game?

Frugal Producer

The Free Geek sent an article which was targeted for gamers. There are some tips that game producers can also use in being frugal when shopping the computer hardware parts. How to Build a Great Gaming Rig on the Cheap

Last but not least there’s an article written by Christina Laun: The Poor Entrepreneur’s Toolset: 100 Freebies for Bootstrappers – it’s a big list of items for frugal producers.

More coming

That’s it for this edition. Thanks everybody for your submissions. The next carnival will be online when there’s total of about new 10 articles. If you’ve written something you’d like to get published, submit your articles here.

Remember to check out also earlier Carnivals – plenty of good stuff there.

Carnival of Game Production – Fourth Edition

It’s been some time since the last game production carnival – and now it’s time for fourth. This time we have various material ranging from interviews, developer guides to top free games.

Carnival Articles

Orange Brat sent me link to the Starving Developer’s Quickstart Guide. It’s a massive list 2D, 3D and other links and resources. Check it out.

Ben from BinaryJoy sent me the Wonderland Interview. There are some witty tips ranging from design to building community.

Jake has written a detailed article titled Do you set milestones? The article contains several tips on how to benefit from setting milestones.

Jason Poss sent me a link to a lengthy interview where they asked about his involvement with WOW: Burning Crusade. It Jason Poss contracted to arrange, orchestrate, and provide music preparation and music consulting services for video games, so it was nice to see a bit different kind of interview.

nabeel submitted an article about The one-step secret to Second Life’s PR success – pondering stories by customers.

Corvus has put online a lengthy document on Games and Storytelling. Anyone interested in the narrative side of games should take a look at it. (Here’s the direct download link to the PDF file)

Alex has a collection of highlights from the AIIDE ‘07 (Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment) conference, featuring the most cutting edge research in game AI.

Free geek sent me the list of Top 10 Free Online Games of All Time. Now you know what to do on summer…

Submit your articles

That concludes the Carnival edition. Thank people for sending articles. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after – basically I want to see fun, inspiring, practical and positive stories that should be somehow related to game production. At least loosely.

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Thanks for your time.

Carnival of Game Production – Third Edition

It’s time for the third edition of carnival of game production. In this carnival, some people sent me several articles related to production and games, and simply some fun stuff.

Carnival Articles

Jake Birkett sent me several articles. My personal favourite was Knowing where to tap. A great story, and a good reminder that in the information age – the information is gold.

Another article I got from Jake was titled: “I’ve finished my game – now what?”. Good list & ideas what to do after you’ve finished your game. Very practical for any developer to think about.

TonyC submitted an article “Explicit” games, and there’s a fun story right in the start of the article. The story reminds us that while giving tips to players is usually a good idea in games… you might not want to give too much aid.

Jay Barnson had an Interview With Steve Taylor of NinjaBee, makers of great indie game Outpost Kaloki and Outpost Kaloki X (XBox 360 Live Arcade version). Read the interview, very interesting.

Jay’s another article was titled The Joy of Tex (turing) and basically goes through the basics of creating texturing. Very nice ‘tutorial’ on how to create textures – especially for those who have never tried that before.

Last, but not least – Jay also sent me information about a $10,000 RPG-In-A-Year Contest. The idea is to create an RPG in one year. Check out exact rules at

The Positivity Blog had a fine article named: 8 ways to spark your creativity. Applicable tips & ideas for any game designer. While I somewhat disagree with the 7th point, I think all of the tips contain good ideas. Tips 3 and 4 being my personal favourites.

Den sent me an article named Is next-generation the spoiled child of previous generation? Good thinking in the article, and a pretty good list of production related notes in the end. My personal favourite was the 6th point about balancing the time.

Fun treats

Dan at Gibbage is Escaping the Mainstream and concentrating to fuel the indie scene. Indie scene sure has use for all the support it can get.

Julien Dorra contacted me, and while this was not directly about game production I thought it was suitable for a ‘fun carnival treat’. There’s a site called – a funny (non-game) project about “tracking the bugs of life”. There’s a short article about the origin of the project.

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That concludes the Carnival edition. Thank you for all of you who sent articles, and if your article didn’t make it to the Carnival you can still try next time. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after – basically I want to see fun, inspiring, practical and positive stories that should be somehow related to game production. At least loosely.

The next Carnival edition will be hosted here at in the following months – after I receive about 10 suitable stories. Please, feel free to use the submission page to send your articles.

Thanks for your time.

Carnival of Game Production – Second Edition

It’s time for the second edition of carnival of game production. This time we have several articles about game production: lessons learned during the project, design, insight and also a special treat…

Carnival Articles

Joonas Laakso made a great post titled Wannabe game producer’s confessions. Joonas describes the experiences of a hobbyist team and gives some good and practical tips on game production.

Jay Barnson gives the absolute and final answer to the question: Should I Become An Indie Game Developer?. Refreshing insight.

Paul Eres published a practical article Principles of Playtesting. All seven lessons are worth checking, and the sixth tip should be fundamental part of every game project.

Vedran Klanac wrote a detailed entry about How they made Fire Flower game. Vedran shares some lessons they learned about development. There’s a section “butterflies on flowers” in the article – that contains a lesson about small details in games that can make a big impact. Good job.

Jochen De Schepper ponders technical options: To Flash Or Not To Flash?. With Flex builder Flash has become more viable option to game developers.

Nicholas Savery talks about The Free MMO Business Model, an Alternative to Pay-to-Play. I believe MMO games developers people should ponder about the alternatives, but draw final conclusions by testing their pricing and income model. Nevertheless, the article is a good reminder that there are alternative business models than only direct purchases.

Joris Pyl is taking a course on Digital Arts & Entertainment and wrote about the first lesson: Psychology in Games. Article is about the reward/punishment element in games.

Gianfranco Berardi ponders how would it been If Old Games Were Made Today?. Fine thinking, and be sure to read also the comments if you want to know what Bubble Bobble would have been like…

Special treat

Then in the end we have a ‘special treat’ by Petri Purho: The Truth About Game Development. This is not an article, but a 6th done-in-a-week-game and I believe it fits fell in the Carnival. Excellent fun.

That concludes the second Carnival edition. Big thanks again for all of you who sent articles, if your article didn’t make it to the Carnival you can still try next time. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after.

The next Carnival edition will be hosted here at 15th of March. Please, feel free to use the submission page to send your articles.

Thanks for your time.

Carnival of Game Production – First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of carnival of game production. The carnival theme is about game production and there were several different kinds of articles in the submissions: interviews, technical, programming, design, motivational and general game production. Thanks to everybody for submitting your articles. If your article missed this Carnival, you can still submit another article to upcoming Carnivals. The next Carnival will be hosted again here at in the coming weeks. You may use the submission page to send your articles.

Hanford Lemoore breaks some myths: How one man made an MMO: an interview with Gene Endrody. The title says it all.

Jay Barnson presents Interview with Georgina Bensley, Creator of Cute Knight. Lengthy interview with Georgina Bensley. Developer describes the game mechanism, tells about game design and tools that were used to create the best-selling “casual” indie RPG, “Cute Knight”.

Gianfranco Berardi submitted a short but practical article: Automating Build and Test Systems. The tip: “Any time you can use a computer to automate a repetitive task, you’ll find consistency in quality and speed as well as fewer headaches related to the meta-work of making a game” is worth remembering.

Rick Stirling gives the right answer to question: How many polygons in a piece of string?. Very practical and informative article.

Harry Kalogirou presents a length article Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python which goes deeper into tech side, but is worth checking for any programmer.

TonyC presents Learn to love your level designers!. It’s a short post but reminds us that level designers are important.

Corvus Elrod ponders Wii design elements: Wii’ve Been Played!. It’s so true that the Wiimote adds additional element in designing games for Wii. A challenging design element I must say.

Philip Ludington describes The 10 reasons you will never finish your game. I believe I have experienced every one of these points… What about you?

It’s nice to conclude this Carnival edition in a positive way and Raoul’s fine post gives us hope and motivation: A Great Time to Be an Independent Developer.

Enjoy the articles.

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