Challenge #4: Summer Vacation


That’s it folks. I’m going to take one month summer vacation and enjoy the nice weathers of sunny Finland. I have written posts for the July, so will continue giving hints & tips every day. I will log in now and then and check out comments, but won’t be responding (so often) to emails. I’ll get back to business in August.

The 4th challenge is: I challenge you to take summer vacation and stay away from computer (at least one week, and some days). And no, you are not allowed to watch TV either or play consoles. Go out, swim and enjoy the summer.

I will do that, will you?

Let us know.

Challenge #3: How to Make Your Game Sell More

This time bit different challenge… I want to challenge you readers to show a game you are selling and then all participants can suggest hints & tips on how to improve the sales of those games. The hints can be suggestions about improving website, changing gameplay, adding new visuals, giving more info… anything that comes to your mind.

If you want to announce a game, please give the following information:
– Website
– Download link
– Optionally details like conversion rate or promotion methods you are currently using.

Just comment on this entry and let others know about your game – and get more sales.

Yesterday, I announced that Pre-Ordering of Edoiki will be made available. If you have no game to announce, feel free to give me your suggestion on how I could get more people to pre-order the game.

Good way to think about the improvements is to ask: What would this game need so that I would purchase it?

Challenge #2: Use Windowed or Fullscreen?

Yesterday, there was a post about different ways to annoy people. Today I’m throwing a challenge for you.

The Challenge
Let’s presume there’s people who want that when game starts, it automatically starts in fullscreen – without any hassles, no ‘ask for windowed/fullscreen’ – just start the game in fullscreen and be done with it. Then there’s people who want to run the game in windowed mode. They’d prefer if the game would ask before setting a fullscreen mode.

Now, the challenge: as you know that some people want fullscreen and some people want windowed game screen, how would you design your game to start?

Feel free to leave a reply and tell us what you think about this.

Challenge #1: How Small Things Have Big Impact

I’ve decided to bring up a new category: Challenges. I’ll be giving some puzzles or trick questions, and let you people solve it. The ‘right’ (if available at all…) answer will be told when somebody has quessed it.

Okay, here’s the first challenge:

How is it possible that 70.49 did not equal 70.49?
We encountered this problem. We had the following clause:

IF ($a == $b)
print “This is TRUE”
print $a + “does not equal” + $b

The output was: 70.49 does not equal 70.49.

How was this possible? How is it possible that 70.49 does not equal 70.49? How was it possible to give us FALSE condition?

I assure you, in this case small things have a big impact. Feel free to participate: comment to this post and tell me what your answer would be?

P.S. Tim (Indiepath) – you are not allowed to participate. ;)