Ended Up Buying 4 Games

In the convince me to buy game contest I had several “finalists” to choose from:

I ended up choosing these products:

Congratulations for the winners – very convincing!

In case you want to check what others games there were, please see all the games here.

August Contest: Convince Me To Buy Your Game

I want to buy a copy of your game (not the source code, no).

Few years back, I held this contest where your job was to convince me to buy your game. Close to 74 attempts were made and I bought a few games so we are looking at conversion rate higher than 1% – better than “industry average”.

Now it’s time to have the convince-my-to-buy-your-game contest again.

Don’t know how many games I will end up purchasing, but at least 1 game I shall purchase during this contest. Who knows, maybe more. It depends.

The rules are quite simple: basically, you gotta convince me to buy your game. Show screenshots, ask, cry, beg or get mafia to help convince me… do whatever it takes and leave a convincing comment in this blog post.

The contest ends in the end of August (or the moment I run out of money, as was also stated in the rules few years back).

The contest starts now, so leave a convincing comment on this blog entry.

Bonus points (that don’t affect anything) for those who retweet this blog post.

P.S. Like 3 years ago: I still own a pretty new (upgraded) PC but this time it’s Windows Vista instead of XP, so I’d appreciate if your game would actually work on my computer… Also, please use full URLs when creating links (and make sure you have spaces, or the system won’t recognize your URL links). Don’t worry if your comment goes to moderation queue, I’ll be approving it in no time.

Update:I also have Playstation 3.

Spam Contest Winner

The spam contest is over and the correct answer is: 116,109

The closest Twitter answer at the moment seems to go to wagenheimer. He guessed the same number as stuartF16, but since wagenheimer guessed an hour earlier, he goes lead.

Twitter says “Older tweets are temporarily unavailable” so I’ll wait a bit before announce the Twitter winner.

Here on the blog comments, the winner is Saad – one pint coming right up. (In case I messed up my count, I’m giving an additional beer to the guy who can prove a real blog comments winner. I think it’s correct).

Congratulations to winners and thanks everybody for participating.

Guess Spam, Win Beer (24 Hour Competition)

I’ve been blogging about 5ish years now and there’s quite of bit of spam that Akismet has helped bury for this blog. Now I’ll present a competition (bit like we had at 2006). There is 2 pints to be given as prizes. 3rd one I drink myself. One pint goes for the winner who guesses closest here in the blog comments, one for the twitter guesses (read more for the detailed instructions).

Next step: Guess how many spam comments my blog has received so far

  • Make a comment in this blog post, announcing your guess.
  • Make a tweet about this blog post, including your guess (and a link to this post: http://bit.ly/bLVTJE < -- the link needs to be exactly this).

You are allowed to make 2 guesses, one here on the gameproducer.net blog comments, and another one by using twitter.

Winners will be the guys who answers the closest by (1) commenting to this blog post and (2) by tweeting your guess + a link to this blog post.

Winners will receive a pint of Guinness. (And of course if you happen to guess closest in both mediums, you win 2 pints).

If you don’t drink beer… then tough luck.

Let the wild guess contest begin!

(The contest ends after 24ish hours – the moment I close the blog comments)

Game Dev Competition, Win a Deal Worth 65 000 Euros

There’s a pretty good looking game devlopment competition going on: exact details can be found via the Make ‘Em Up website.

I checked out the contest rules and read the fine print and to my eyes the deal looks just fine. Might be worth considering joining. Deadline is August 15, 2010. Be sure to check out the “Deals” page on that website to get a better idea about the contest.

P.S. There’s also some discussion at the Indiegamer boards about this contest.

So, How Was Your Whine Free Week?

I presume all of you didn’t whine this week.

I told earlier something about my week, and here’s some highlights:

  • I whined about Finnish Javelin results when realized what was happening… (whining)
  • I whined about “naming conditions” to which guy replied “stop bitching” (really made my day)
  • At some point I got a letter from the tax man saying that he wants me to give them 2 000 euros (this time I didn’t whine, but was relieved and thought only 2000…)
  • Yesterday I whined about server being down for some time.
  • Don’t know if I whined something else. Maybe I did.
  • Just when I typed this, the monitor started blinking and I was like “shit, will this thing explode?”

Actually, quite small things – and not really about whining. More like some random thoughts.

So, how was your week? (Anyone interested about the prize?)

Contest: The Whine Free Week Challenge

Monday is gone, but it’s not too late for the Whine Free Week Challenge.

Contest prize:
I’m giving a pretty darn good prize here: a lifetime Insiders membership (worth tons of money & time). The contest is available for current Insiders as well.

(Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Insiders service, I’ll tell that basically it’s a “club” whose members get beneficial goodies such as access to indie PR service for games, ebooks and material about game development & production, access to top secret whine-free special private forums, network with other cool guys and things like that. Tons of goodies that members enjoy. There’s now close to 100 members.)

Contest rules:
Basically – the idea is that in this week the participants will reduce/stop whining. Participants includes me. This means that whining needs to be stopped at work, home, hobbies, forums, anywhere for this week (challenge ends on September 1st).

Whenever you see yourself whining or thinking negatively, you need to stop doing that and remind you about the Whine Free Week challenge.

If you see somebody whining on forums, link to this post and tell them to stop whining. Gently.

If you hear people whining around you, tell them about this challenge.

If you are a guru who never whines, you are labeled as a liar.
(Just kidding here.)

The Winner
The winner isn’t the one who is not whining this week (surprise, surprise), but rather the person who gives us the best report about his whine free week. You can report your whine free week via Twitter (see also #whinefreeweek) or simply via your Blog in case you own one.

I want you to write about situations where you (1) stopped whining or (2) were about to start whining but remember this contest. If you (3) see somebody whining, show us what you did (including all the flamewars that were started). Tell also (4) if others reacted differently (like your kids, friends, family).

If you don’t have Twitter nor Blog, then simply track your progress by writing comments to this blog post. Whatever gets the message public is just cool.

Fun, good report & sharing information about this challenge should rank pretty high in the contest…

Help make the world bit less whining…
Please share this info with others. If you have a blog, please consider mentioning this post in your site. If you have a Twitter, remember to retweet and participate.

And the contest begins
In summary:
1) Stop whining
2) Write what happened
3) (Win Insiders membership – somebody gets it)

Let’s get going. Ask me if something is unclear.