Come2Play’s Non-Contest, Contest For Flash Game Developers

Come2Play is a gaming platform that enables developers to create multiplayer games using their open multiplayer API. These guys are having a pretty cool contest.

The gist of the contest is that they are paying developers $5,000 – and up – in bonuses. The bonus is based on the number of matches their game records in a 3 month period after the launch of their game. Each additional 2 million matches awards the developers an additional $5,000. There is no limit to the earnings.

On top of the bonus, they are giving developers all the in game ads and the ability to resell the sponsorship of the game.

Come2Play does a lot of the distribution work for developers sending their games to social networks as apps, start pages and partner sites. In addition, they give them tools to distribute their games as SWF files with invite friend features.

Here’s example game. Cool eh?

Head to Come2Play non contest contest-

Star Wars Egg Contest Ended, The Correct Answer Was…

Yoda. (Yoda “2-day tattoo” to be exact)

Sargon & Jake got the right answer (or at least close enough), so you guys win a surprise gift. But before I get there, I gotta say that inside that egg was a small Yoda tattoo thing that I could have put in my arm…

…in case there hadn’t been this tiny little ‘accident’.

There was actually several small tattoos (I even tested one Jedi tattoo) but the Yoda tattoo was the coolest, thus I decided that it was the main thing that people would need to guess. I would have sent you winners tattoos, but because either (1) our dogs ate those tattoos or (2) somebody put them in a trashbin – I fortunately cannot show you the Yoda tattoo (nor give you different tattoo as a surprise gifts) since I couldn’t find them from anywhere. Instead, I have come up with a different surprise gift.

For this, I do need your mailing address Sargon & Jake – so please email me and let me know your full street address so that I can mail you the surprise gift.

Thanks everybody for participating!

It’s good to fool around a bit every now and then – I think life it’s not meant to be too serious all the time…

Starting to Feel Better (Check Here If You Won In The Xmas Contest)

My fever (and most of the other stuff like sore throat) seems to be over and I’m feeling better. I start delivering those Christmas gifts during the first days of January, so please email me in case you won something in the Xmas contest (unless you’ve already done that). I’ve emailed people, but haven’t got replies from everybody yet.

I’ll be posting the links and other stuff to people who participated in the GTA4 donation during the following days.

It’s Good to Start a Year By Doing What You Promised

It’s a brand new year now. First day of the year, and I want to start it by doing one of the things I promised to do. Here are the list of donators of those who helped me to get GTA 4.

In order of apperance…

Ofer (Pompi Pompi)
Tobias (Spell of Play)
Penny (who game me the idea to ask for this)
Janette (Evolutionary)
Martin (Running Pillow)
Jake (Grey Alien Games)
Josh (Leadwerks)
Jay (Hobbit Hole)
Julio (Lemon Team)
Daniel (Game Dreamer)
Michael (Michael James Williams)
Ronny (Kybernesis)

Thanks guys.

I’m emailing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Producers ebook to you now. Those of you who participated, please subscribe to the Dead Wake game newsletter to get informed when the game is released (so that you can claim your copy when the game is out).

Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 23 (And The Winners Are…)

Juuso is on Xmas trip, and will be back after some days… Sorry, this means that the winners also shall receive Training in Patience as it takes some time for Santa to get those presents to you.

The Xmas contest is now officially over, and there were so many witty posts that this was really difficult for me to decide who shall win the game.

Games go to:
Penny – Return to Ravenhurst (for suggesting me to ask a game too!)

Sargon – The Tales of Bingwood (which goes to his friend)

luke seddon – copy of Dead Wake :)

Tyler – also a copy of Dead Wake!

Ivane Gegia – Unreal Tournament GOTY (since he has got almost no presents for decades)

Steven Egan – The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (because of the bloody long letters, and the fact you thought about your little sister)

While I won’t be giving more games this Christmas, I have couple of more comments to other:

Jake – You asked more time, and since playing all those games (that you asked) would have meant loads of time spent in playing games, now you don’t need to worry about that. By not giving you those games, you’ll have plenty of time to do Christmas pudding, right? :)

Lumooja – Perhaps your dad can buy you the one?

Katherine – It’s dangerous to give games to your boyfriend. (As for Lemmings, try this abandonware link and click ‘download’)

NeoLithic – Leave the neighbours dog alone, and consider playing Lego Star Wars (or just with Legos) with your kids. Much safer route.

Dreyke Boone – Sorry, this time Santa could not get you this game… but maybe next year!

moravanda – Sounds good. Your wish is my command.

psycho – This was not the place to ask for Jesus. Tsk tsk! (just kidding ;)

Shane – Not making an mmorpg is a good sign. Fallout 3 is nice, and I’m sure your dad will be happy to buy that game.

Sargon – I asked Carmack about Doom 5 and he said that he had already made a youtube video preview about it, and the source code will probably leak soon.

Rorkimaru – Sorry, no more stickers and stuff like that is available.

Emanuele D’Arrigo – I have big bones.

Janette – Puppies can be really messy, so how about a live reindeer?

Coco Guo – Hmm, it’s bit too far away, but maybe at some day there will be more COD content in your country?

DJW – The game is so good that I’m sure you enjoy it even more if you spend the money on it. Maybe then we could play it some day online?

Bilbo – I tried decrypting it but the end result was “apple pie”, so I’m not sure if I did it right. Maybe next Xmas we’ll get non-encrypted version?

Game Producer Christmas Calendar – Day 15 (The Last Chance to Bribe Me)

About a week ago I wrote a letter to Santa and asked for GTA IV. The goals is almost reached (87%), so today I’m drawing the line. This will be your last chance to participate and get:

  • Link pointing to your site from a thank you blog post (appears in a blog post after Christmas)
  • Fun ebook that can help you become more productive (when I get back from my Xmas trip)
  • Copy of a Dead Wake game (“when it’s done”)

All this for $6 (you can donate more if you want). Click the donate button below to participate.

Read the full story in the longer blog entry. Basically, you can now bribe me for a very small amount to get these goodies.

The ‘Write to Santa’ (Or ‘Convince Me To Buy You a Game’) Christmas Contest Launches!

This contest is closed, thanks for participating!

Now is your chance to win any video game of your choice. All you need to do is:

1) Tell me what game you want (name/url/whatever)
2) Write a comment in this blog post: convince Santa (or me…. at least you know who is going to guide Santa Claus on this) to buy that game to you.
3) Leave your email to the comment (it’s not shared with anybody, and nobody can see it – except me so that I can pick the winner)

You can participate as many times as you want (as long as you have some fun ideas about why you should get the game), and there’s pretty much no limitations except your imagination.

You have about 3 weeks time, and the winner will of course find the gift (digitally wrapped) on 24th of December (since in Finland Santa gives us presents on 24th day, in some countries it’s 25th day).

Good luck.

Contest: Win FPS Creator X10 by Guessing What I Got From an Easter Egg


Win a copy of FPS Creator X10
It’s time for post-Easter Contest and fancy prize is FPS Creator X10 – a game making tool that uses DirectX10. All you need to do is guess what I got from an easter egg (not meaning the chocolate, but the toy I got from the egg). Thanks goes to The Game Creators for this fine prize.

Contest rules
You need to guess what toy I got from an easter egg.

You can guess as many times as you wish (maximum 5 items per reply, and you can have multiple replies: this is to ensure that somebody isn’t getting the first reply and writing lots of stuff into that reply). All you need to do is throw your guess here (or write a lengthy blog post where you list all your answers. Remember to mention your blog post URL here in this blog so I can include your guess into the contest).

The first one to answer right wins a copy of FPS Creator X10.

The contest lasts until somebody guesses right and I’ll be checking answers daily. If there’s no right guesses after couple of days, I shall give hints that will pretty much reveal the right answer for somebody to guess.

FPS Creator X10
FPS Creator X10 is basically an extremely simple tool that lets you create great looking action games with ease. If you watch out the following youtube video, I’m sure you get a pretty good idea what you can do with the tool (in very little time):

I agree that the voice in the video might go bit more in the funny side of things – but the FPS Creator X10 itself is very nice. The Game Creators offer many other products for making games: ranging from modeling tools to art packs to other game making software.

Let the contest begin
Now you have chance to win a copy of FPS Creator X10.

Simply guess what toy I got from an easter egg.

Get Free Promotion For Your Game (You Have 24 Hours to Act)

Update on January 16th: This offer is now closed, I’ve sent the details on how to get free promotion for your game. Thanks everybody for your interest.

I’m giving free promotion for your game, and I’m giving the instructions on what you need to do in my mailing list within 24 hours. This stuff requires very little time (we are talking about minutes here) and gets you free promotion for your game, and some extra goodies.

All you need to do is to check out the email that I will send and follow the instructions (and you may unsubscribe right after getting any emails from me). The stuff requires couple of minutes of your time, and will get you free promotion.

Basically, I’m giving following free promotion mentioned here:

  • The first 3 who act first (details in the email) will get a free press release launch using, with a template and a “press release tip sheet” that will explain how to get the most out of your press release.
  • The next 3 who act first will get a mini-review of their game which will appear on this blog in one big blog post.
  • The first 100 will get their game mentioned in this blog – in the one big blog post.
  • If you subscribe to the mailing list within 24 hours you will get an ebook called Ad Trap – a Guide to Advertising Your Game that will explain you some pitfalls that people need to be aware when getting advertisement.

So, the bottom line is:
1) Subscribe to the mailing list. You may unsubscribe by clicking a link on any email you get from me. I will never ever give your email address to anyone – period.
2) Wait & follow for the instructions: The instructions will come tomorrow, 16th January, and all you need to do is something that requires couple of minutes your time. Maybe three if you don’t rush.
3) Get free promotion for your game!: Press releases, mini-reviews, blog promotion.
4) Act fast, and it means MORE promotion (and quite likely some $$$). Those $$$ will come when you have good stuff to promote, and use the tips I’m sharing with those of you who act fast.

All set, and ready for action?

The next step is here: click this and subscriber to the mailing list.