More Christmas Presents – Win The Witcher for PC and More!

Merry Game Blogs Giveaway!

Writers Cabal Blog will be giving away The Witcher to one lucky commenter before 19th December.

Wadjet Eye Games Blog will be giving away downloads of BLACKWELL LEGACY and BLACKWELL UNBOUND! They have promised to give more information at the Wadjet Eye Games Blog, but I didn’t find it yet.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty easy to get yourself presents. Just vote for a name or make blog comments and you might win.

Vote For The Zombie Game Name – You Might Win a Copy of It!

The zombie game name contest is approaching the final stage and now is the time to vote for the game name. I have picked five game name candidates from the earlier suggestions. The game name will be one of the following:

* Dead Ends
* Stay Dead
* Dead Wake
* Dead Hollows
* Lies Dead

If you want to have a chance to get a copy of the game (when it’s finished), all you need to do is to vote the game name here and then explain the reason behind your vote. Tell us why you gave your vote to whatever name you voted. Those who give the best arguments/reasons will get a copy of the zombie game (up to maximum of 3 free copies – arguments are judged by me).

The reason you tell can be for example:
– Include feelings the voted name creates in you
– You are free to mention why it fits for the game theme/idea based on the game demo or the screenshots you’ve seen about the game
– The reason can be funny
– It can be serious
– It can be philosophic
– Or pretty much anything (whatever it is that made you choose)

You don’t have to vote the name that “seems to be getting the most votes”. I’m judging the best arguments/comments when giving the prizes. Even if the game name you vote is not chosen, you might win a copy of the game.

The contest ends when the name is picked… so you have some at least some days to act.

Feel free to try the demo release (shows a couple of minutes of gameplay) for inspiration. It’s very early version (and very dark – I know), but it might give you some idea.

Ready to vote? Proceed here to give your vote and participate in the contest (you might need to register to the forums unless you already have done that).

Christmas Contest: Suggest a Name For The Zombie Game – Win a Copy Of It

My zombie game project needs a name, and I thought to ask reader feedback for it. Naming a zombie game sounds like a great Christmas contest, so I’m giving zombie game copies as prizes (naturally the game must first be done before you can get your prize) for those who suggest the best names.

I believe word “dead” should be in the name, and even though there are zombies, I think I don’t want to see “zombie” in the name. In my mind, zombie has less “serious” meaning than for example “undead”.

The game has quite dark theme, and has quite realistic style (not cartoony anyway). Blood splatter will be in the game (like they’ve done in many games). The game events will take in a modern world (year is 200x something, no scifi stuff you know). The short video clip shows you the 1st person view that’s in the game, although the art in that clip is all placeholder art.

Here’s more recent screenshot. It’s quite dark though and zombies are still placeholders.

(Click here for a bigger image).

So far I’ve been pondering names such as the following:
– Waking Dead (although somebody said that was a movie – so it’s out of question :))
– Unlife (sounds bit like Half-life or Unreal…)
– Living Dead (most likely copyrighted anyway…)
– Undead [Something]
– Dead [Something]
– Deadly…
– Night…
– Unliving…

Basically I want the name to be short (max 2 words: The Undead would be fine suggestion, Night of the Undead Zombies would not be okay).

So, if you’d like to get your hands on the zombie game when it comes out – let’s hear some name suggestions. You may register and use the forums to suggest a name. The contest will end when… the name is picked – and winners will be emailed (make sure you provide proper email in the forums).

Win Ricochet Games By Solving a Riddle

Binaryjoy has launched a contest where anybody can win the entire Ricochet series of games. The rules are quite simple: first you have to subscribe to their main site feed. Then, some time in the next week or so, a question or a riddle will be posted in the feed. The first person to send in the correct answer will get the entire Ricochet series and 4 persons can win a copy of Ricochet Infinity.

Check it out in case you want to have a chance to win stuff.

Win a Brand New TV

Twintale Entertainment has launched a free contest on their Twintale Game Store site to win a Sony TV. Everyone signing up for their newsletter is automatically registered for the contest. Participants in the contest can improve their chances of winning by referring friends to the game store.

What a great and practical marketing tactic: arrange a contest with a nice a prize, send a press release regarding the contest, use viral aspects (referrals) to get word-of-mouth going.

To participate in the contest, proceed here

Contest Winners – Was Convinced to Buy 3 Games

The convince me to buy your game contest has now officially ended. I decided to buy 3 games (plus making one small donation).

First I bought Duck Tiles. The Pony comment got my attention :)

You should buy one of my games, specifically Bulldozer, Duck Tilesr, or The Puzzle Pack. And you should buy one for three reasons. First off, you’ll have a great game for only $9.95. Second, all game-buyers get ads shut off on The Daily Puzzles. Third, if you enter the coupon-code “GAMEPRODERDOTNET”, you get 25% off, so that’s even cheaper.

Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.

Okay, not a pony.

I will buy The Witch’s Yarn – BUT, I couldn’t make payment since there was no paypal option (and the inner game buy system didn’t look secure for me. I’ve heard about Kagi, but I didn’t like the payment system, so I didn’t make the payment). Anyway, I’ll wait for guys at Mousechief to get back to me so I can finish the order. The game looked interesting, and they had such arguments that left no option but to get this game:

After all the hype and hypertension from playing smups, urps, zurps, and other ‘lean forward’ games:

1. Have a nice read, with The Witch’s Yarn.
2. Chuckle along with the first, interactive sit-com.
3. Delight at the quality illustrations, the real instrument jazz music, and the outlandish characters.
4. In-game purchase system keeps the game flowing (after the ‘please purchase’ message).
5. First two chapters are free. :-)

The last game I bought was Kudos. Cliff Harris had such a bold start, that I couldn’t resist his offer. He started by saying: “Can I enter twice?”.

Lastly, I sent my two cents (plus couple of dollars) to funpcgame, since he asked :)

I would have bought PlayDetective, but BUY button was not available yet.

Hamumu had quite solid arguments favoring their game Loonyland 2: “you’ll buy it, and I win.”… but I skipped their offer. At least for now.

I would have bought pyabo’s game, but didn’t know what his game was, since he only said: “Buy my game or the kitten gets it!” :)

Roman’s suggestion was extremely convincing (“Juuso, buy one of my games so I’ll buy Edoiki when it’s out”), and I had checked Runes of Avalon earlier… but skipped it this time. :)

I must add that there were lots of great suggestions (such as Sheeplings – wonderful name!) and I needed to ‘flip coins’ to find those 3 games. There were simply so many good suggestions, that it was really tough to decide. Maybe in some other day, I would have picked some completely different 3 games, but this time here are the results.

Here’s the full list of suggested games:
Play Detective
Bonbon Quest
Fairy Forest and others
Bound Around
Addictive Football
Wildsnake Games
Easter Bonus
Cute Knight
Loonyland 2
The Witch’s Yarn
Play With Fire
Dismount (not sure how I can buy this though)
Sky Puppy
Fun PC games
Magic Pearls
Ancient Soft’s Games
Anawiki games
Forgotten Element
Tennis Elbow Manager
The Code Zone games
Magic Stones
Fantasy Sceensaver
Online pool game
Boxed In
Derbill games
Bulldozer Soccer
If I accidentally forgot somebody, please let me know and I’ll put it on the list

That’s it, thanks everybody. Hopefully you enjoyed the contest, I sure had fun reading the comments and picking the games.

Now, people – start going through that list, buy those games, and support indie game development. These guys know what they do, and deserve to get some bucks. And you deserve to get to play fine games. For a full list with developer comments, please check out the original contest blog entry and scroll down to read how people tried convince me to buy their games.

Update: John Hattan just sent me this… image that is :)

Indies Are Making Great Games

I’m just going through all the games submitted to the “convince me to buy your game” contest, and to be honest… it’s difficult to choose!

I initially thought about buying maybe a couple of the finest games, but there are so fine games that it’s extremely hard to choose from. I will need some time to go through all the suggested games. From indie scene aspect I think that’s good. It’s good to see there’s lots of talent and lots of great indie games to choose from. I really recommend all you readers to click here and check the games that were mentioned in the comments. There are lots of great games there and some very persuasive attempts to convince me (one of my favourites was told by John Hattan“[you should buy my game…] Oh, and also because I have a cool blog. And I personally know David Michael. And I’ll give you a pony.” :)

I will be making my decision in the following days, and probably end up buying 3 games. I will list all of them in the upcoming blog post and officially end the contest.

It won’t be easy to decide, but it’s great to see that indies are making great games and giving plenty of good options to choose from.

Win a Game By Participating in a Short Survey

I have created a survey regarding digital distribution of video games – basically if you’ve ever downloaded a game from the Internet you’ll have the knowledge to answer. If you wish to participate, you’ll have a chance to win a game of your choice from Big Fish Games portal. The survey takes only a few minutes of your time.

Update: I’ve received 100 responses, and the survey is now closed. Thanks everybody for your interest! March-April Contest: Convince Me To Buy Your Video Game

Okay game developers, now it’s the time for a new contest where you need to convince me to buy your video game. Contest will end at the last day of April (or when I run out of money). You can use any measures you see appropriate: feel free to beg or ask nicely. Show demos or screenshots. Scream if you wish.

If you haven’t finished a game yet, feel free to try getting me to pre-order the game. I’m in such a mood that it just might work.

I promise to buy game or games from those who manage to convince me, and will mention those games after the contest ends. Naturally this is a good opportunity for anybody to promote their game, and you can mention as many games as you wish.

Then to make sure everybody understands: I’m not going to automatically buy every recommended game (although some of our readers might also be interested, so there’s no reason not to suggest a game). I probably end up buying couple of games. It depends how fun comments I see ;)

The contest starts now, so leave a convincing comment on this blog entry.

P.S. I own a pretty new PC / Windows XP, so I’d appreciate if your game would actually work on my computer… Also, please use full URLs when creating links (and make sure you have spaces, or the system won’t recognize your URL links)

Games For Health – $30,000 Contest

The Games for Health Competition is a nationwide (US only) contest to promote the production of computer and video games that improve people’s health. Prizes will be awarded to entrants who develop game concepts or prototypes aimed at improving aspects of health and health care. The deadline for entry is April 1, 2007, with winners to be announced in June. Details on contest categories and rules may be found on the Games for Health Competition Web.

Entrants in the storyboard/treatment competition will submit a game concept that addresses a health issue or identifies a specific problem faced by an organization in the health care arena (such as training staff to counsel family members or raising awareness about bone marrow donations) and offers strategies for addressing the problem. A $5,000 prize is available to each of the winners in the student and organization storyboard categories.

Participants in the prototype competition must develop a working prototype of a health-related game in a playable form. The games may be about any health or health care topic and can help with training, health education, disease management, prevention or building general awareness and understanding. The winner in this category will receive $20,000.

Remember to read the rules if you consider applying to the contest. Good luck!