In the Future, All Gamers Are Athletes (PS3 Move/Xbox Kinect Stuff)

Several years ago, Nintendo Wii changed the way how families play games. Yes they did. A chap told me that he was never interested in games… but bought Wii and was hooked. So, this proves my statement.

Now, few years later, Sony brings Move for Playstation 3. Move is a odd looking stick with a light ball in the end. Bit like those yedi lightsabers, with a ball instead of blade in the end.

Today I watched some Move game trailers and it sort of hit me that these Wii & Move (and Kinect for Xbox) are helping change the whole nations. I think these things can really have impact on our health. I remember trying Wii at my bro’s house and after a few minutes of boxing I was sweating. It wasn’t “just a video game”, it was bloody exercise. With fun games coming out, I can imagine how these games can help get gamers in better shape.

I still think that nothing beats going out and getting some fresh air… but at least if our kids (and we) play a bit more of these games that get their asses off the sofa, we are heading to somewhere better place.

Here’s a video aobut a game called The Fight: Lights Out (reminded me about the Fight Club movie for some reason). I don’t know how much you can “cheat” nor how accurate the move stick – or two – are, but looks pretty slick to me.

I guess much depends how accurate the system really is.

I’m becoming more of a console man. (Yaiks.)

Something Odd Has Happened: I’m Checking Email After Twitter

I quite cannot put my finger on it, but after the twitter system has been getting better client software and new systems that help in displaying conversations and doing retweets, things have changed for me. I’m not thinking of “checking email”, I’m thinking “checking Twitter, and then email” nowadays.

Well, at least more than earlier.

I’m following and unfollowing people that I want, and twitter has become an easy way to find out what’s going on. When new games appear, somebody in Twitter is mentioning them. When new relevant game dev stuff occurs, somebody there I follow will tweet about it.

Yes, it’s still 90+% spam but hey, that’s how Internet works: most of the stuff in the Internet is spam anyway and at least you get to choose not to follow people who tweet about stuff like this.

Twitter is also one of the top traffic senders to this site, so that’s another reason why I’m liking it.

There’s 2 gloomy things that are in my mind about twitter. First is potential spam. I haven’t seen pretty close to any bot-generated spam in my account, but there’s already huge amount of fake accounts and spambots tweeting rubbish (which I don’t see, since I don’t follow those bots). My fear is that these spammers somehow manage to make things messed up. Don’t know how, but still think it might happen one day.

The second perhaps bigger issue is that there’s no revenue model for Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’d shut down the whole service. Maybe Twitter has grown beyond that point, but it’s still totally free and is sucking money as we speak. Facebook figured out how to make donuts. Twitter hasn’t. As much as I like “free stuff”, there’s the problem with free that somebody needs to pay it. I’m not saying I’d pay anything for Twitter (I think) but if they don’t figure out a way to earn donuts, they cannot continue this thing forever.

Meanwhile, Twitter is proving to be a pretty slick tool for game developers in quite many ways and I feel it is something developers shouldn’t ignore. You can ask and get help. You can network. You can throw quick messages without stealing other people’s precious time (as you gotta keep it short you know).

I’m no Twitter fan, but growing to like it a bit more.

It’s bit like a virtual pub where you can bring the folks you like.

And that’s perhaps why I sometimes look forward to checking Twitter instead of my email inbox.

What Kind of View You Have?

When you look outside from your office room, what’s the view like? Do you like your current view? Hate it?

Don’t have a window?

When we bought this apartment, my office moved to downstairs. The space is bit like a bunker with a tiny window that doesn’t let much light come in… and I sort of dislike this. Okay, after I start working, it takes like 2 minutes and I’m totally concentrating on work… and from that on I don’t even know if there’s lights or not in the room.

But on times like for example now when I’m upstairs and typing this thing using laptop I remember how dark basement type of office I have.

I don’t know how the view might affect one’s motivation to work, but I’ve been looking the that living room corner (there’s a spot for extra computer here you know) in similar manner as that one creature from Middle Earth who kept saying “my precious”.

But… I dunno. It would mean extra caveman work you know.

Enough of my view.

How’s the view outside your office? Looking good? Do you think the view somehow affects your motivation?

Do You Blog (Why? Why Not?)

I’ve been blogging since late 2005. I like writing down my thoughts and this blog has served as a great biz channel so far. Hundreds of thousands of (unique) people have visited this site after the launch (which is pretty cool when I stop to think about that).

I suppose I like doing this, and I guess some of you like reading this stuff (since you keep coming back).

Do you have a blog? Are you blogging actively? Why? Why not?

New Digg

Digg is doing an update – a pretty good one. What I understood is that you get to list cool stories that have been dugg by your buddies (be they digg friends or facebook pals or twitter folks).

Currently testing to put my RSS feed there to be digged automatically. And if you want to promote your blog, I recommend you do the same. Here’s my verification key: 0913f1b25e884624b21c268f5ad961db (feel free to ignore this, digg just seems to want this – you cannot do anything with this key. Sorry).

Update: Basically, to set this thing go to Go to “settings > import feed” and then type your RSS url in the (mine happened to be Then make a blog post or add comment with the verification key, and wait 1 or 2 days… mine just got verified.

Test How Indie You Are (Version 1)

It’s quite difficult to define indie game developer, since there’s no black or white answers in saying who is a real indie, and who isn’t.

For this, I’ve prepared a test to determine how indie you are, and this is the version 1. You guys need to help me get version 2 online. The test consists of several statements. Answer either “yes” or “no” and count how many “yes” answers you get. This determines your score.

Version 1: How indie are you test
Notice: if you cannot see the test, please visit to take the test.

  1. I do the gameplay design for my game
  2. I write the story for my game
  3. I do the game art by myself
  4. I do the game sounds by myself
  5. I do the music for my game
  6. I program my game code alone
  7. I’m in charge of my project
  8. I fund my game development by myself without external investors/publishers/3rd parties (spouse does not count as 3rd party)
  9. My game generates income mainly through my own website (not from 3rd party portal/distributor)

Your result:

(answer the questions and click the button to see your result)

In the test results, the programming is weighted 2 times more important than others, and if you have comments on this, feel free to mention. I’ve always felt that programming is the biggest task there is in completing the game. I’ve also left out any “project management” type of things, but kept the “I’m in charge/leading the project”. When working solo, you are in charge of the project. Maybe we have that in version 2, but now left this out.

I’m also thinking if purchasing art/music/sounds from common libraries should be okay. Now I’ve made it so that you need to do all that stuff on your own.

I also deliberately left “I’ve made my own engine” since I really believe indie game developers and (solo) engine developers are two totally different things. (Some game engine creation is most likely needed in any project, but I don’t think indies should think about creating their own rendering engines or that sort of stuff). Feel free to disagree with me.

If you have some things that should be added, please feel free to tell ‘em.

Bring any suggestions… and of course let us know your score.