Spare Parts Clutter My House

I wonder if I should do something sensible with the stuff I’ve collected. For example, I have totally good 20″ ViewSonic extra monitor at home since I bought a 24″ screen to replace the old one. Now I don’t know where to put this. Or who would buy this.

I also have spare routers, adsl modem (or modems), printer, motherboard, old gpu etc. etc. et cetera.

Do you guys get rid of the old stuff when you replace your gear with newer one? Mine seems to stay floating here.

(Anyone fancy buy some stuff from me?)

Damn You Wrist

My mouse hand wrist is feeling slightly ill. Jinxed. Bad.

I remember when I was like 15 or so (and had been coding a tool that would predict ice hockey results) I got this sore wrist. I think I had to support the wrist with other hand (heh) in order to being able to code.

Over a decade later, I’m giving in.

I’ll simply stop using the mouse for the evening. Tomorrow it’ll be better. Less jinxed. Good.

Coolest April Fool Pranks

About seven thousand years ago when I was a kid, I remember reading about a gaming news about “Quake can be played in your television”. There was detailed explanation how to wake up at 6:00 am and tune tv into certain channel. Well, I did that and maybe like 6:15 I was still pondering why all I see is noise and could not play Quake there.

Well, later I figured out that it was an april fools prank.

Any cool april fool pranks you’ve seen/experienced/heard?

Is There Only 2 Ice Hockey Games In This Planet?

I bought PlayStation 3 and copy of NHL 10. I saw that also NHL 2k10 has their version.

Out of curiosity, I started to check out what ice hockey games there are available, and came to conclusion that for PC – there’s hardly any. NHL ’09 PC got horrible ratings from players. There really didn’t seem to be alternatives for these 2 series.

There were several flash games that mostly resembled (1) air hockey or (2) some sort of shoot out (couple of pretty interesting though). Couple of other hockey games there, but there isn’t many ice hockey flash games though.

Then I tried checking indie/shareware, and there was hardly any. Some downloadable air hockey game, and several hockey manager games – but that’s pretty much it.

Are there any ice hockey games for PC? Games that somewhat model playing as an ice hockey player (not as a manager). 3D? 2D?

Blog RSS Feed Now Working

Thanks Thomas for pointing out that RSS feed was not working after wordpress upgrade. It was due my own custom code (just had to delete one folder and it started to work again). Now you should be able to subscribe to RSS and view the stuff properly.

Please notice that I also post any updates to my Twitter page in case you want to use that as an alternative way to receive updates.