About the Insiders Service: (Answer to “Any plans on restarting this?”)

I’ve been getting some questions about re-opening the game producer Insiders service. Right now I’m still keeping the doors closed to finish things and to finalize the new service improvements. I’ve been asked “when it will be open” and right now I can say that “in 2009″ is my best call right now. I don’t have an exact date, but I will be mentioning it as soon as I know it.

Those of you who want to be first to hear about the reopening of the service, please subscribe to the Insiders waiting list.

Those of you who don’t know what the Insiders service is, it’s basically a service for game producers and developers – with close to 100 members right now. Members get access to press release service (which the existing members really enjoy), and to access to various resources about game production. All sort of good stuff to help with the development and sales. Last time the service was open half-a-year ago, and it will be re-opened this year.

I will be getting you guys more information about this in the future, so join the list.

Questions & Answers About the Insiders Service

I’ve been receiving emails, PMs and forum comments about the Insiders service and I wanted to share the answers here in public too. Those who aren’t familiar with the Insiders service, I’ll just quickly say that it’s a service for game developers & producers who want to make games with zero budget, who want to sell their games & get publicity for their games using the press release service. It’s for developers who want a place to get help in a noise-free environment. (At least that’s what the members are saying – and right now there’s close to 100 members).

Anyway, here’s some questions & answers:

Question: “Where could I find more information about the service?”
I took away the page that contained loads of information about the service (but I intend to make a page with more info in the future). I have done a few sales pitches informative announcements (such as this in the past which you might want to check out). There’s some info about the service.

Question: “I’d like to join, but noticed it was sold out… is there any way I could join”
Some people have asked if they could join, but right now the answer is ‘not right now, but stay tuned’. I’ve said that I took it off the market (and I do my best to actually do what I say so…). There’s an ‘early bird’ list for those who wanna join when the service is available again.

So, I guess the bottom line is that if you want to join the service then subscribe to that list and you’ll be first to hear when the service is available again.

Question: “How much will it cost”
That will be announced closer to the launch of the improved service.

Question: “When will it be available”?
I’m in the process of upgrading the service to better. I’m adding more content and improving the press release service (with better & more reliable email sending & increasing the list size). I’m working on a few (unannounced) things that I want to get done too before the service will be available.

Right now the closest answer I can get is “when it’s done”. Like said above – get on that early bird list and I’ll let you know when we are ready.

Only 12 Spots Left Now…

Just wanted to let you know that the fancy Insiders special offer is not going to be available for long. I’ve emailed about this offer in my newsletter, and few hundred people have read the email (and some of them are probably pondering whether to join) and few hundred more people will probably read it soon (and some of them will probably ponder whether to join).

This is one-time offer that won’t be available any more… there’s now 12 (if I counted right) spots left at the time of writing. If you’ve though about joining Insiders then now it would be a good time to save $100.

I’m bit biased to say this (you know, I’m the guy selling this service), but I honestly think that the service is way more worth than the current price (and if you’ve read any of the testimonials you’ll see that the guys who are already members agree on me with this. The cost of the service is only 5 or 6 sold copies in a year and for that you get the press release service, special resources about programming, game production, marketing, sales and much much more. Basically, it’s a good deal.

Insiders Special Offer: Boost Your Gaming Business (Act Before The Price Goes Up)

***NOTICE: The service is sold out for now, but feel free to get to the early bird list where I’ll inform when the service is back online.***

You don’t want to miss this chance… get publicity and boost your gaming business with the Insider membership (sweet deal inside). The Insiders service has 79 members at the time of writing. Now there’s room only for 21 18 no 16, uh, 13 more members before the price goes higher.

If you don’t know what the service is, then read this post and check more information at the nice Insiders sales pitch page.

Game press service and much more

I have seen developers spending hundred dollars for mere one press release distribution, and sometimes they work – sometimes they don’t. Indie studios don’t necessarily have the resources to send several press releases – until now. With GameRelease PR distribution tool you can get hundreds of journalists to see your story, and can distribute several stories per month.

You can use the tool to announce beta launches, major updates, game release, major business events – anything to help you get valuable traffic to your site and really create a marketing campaign for you. Getting in the news requires writing a fine press release, but with Insiders PR tool, you have more chances that your story gets picked in the news.

Basically, it can get your game to magazines like here (that’s our Highpiled game):

The service comes with several benefits:

  • Press release distribution service that helps you promote your own products. The PR service alone is well worth the price.
  • Various ebooks and practical tips ranging from marketing to sales to getting traffic to game production aid to programming tips and more.
  • Those who subscribe for the yearly fee, also get a product review in this blog (valued more than $300 by the way).

The service is being used with tens of other developers ranging from artists to programmers to game producers and so more.

Here’s some testimonials:

Bob Sterling, DX Studio:

The press release distribution service alone is worth more than the annual fee, so joining Insiders was an easy decision for us!


Many talented game developers gather here, and the ebooks and services provided make it very worthwhile.

Sebastien Larocque, Gaia Dream Creation:

The Insiders offers an affordable press release distribution service directly targeting the gaming industry. It is not comparable to other press release system. It also comes with many eBooks helping you to promote and develop your game business.

Robert Dowling, Pixelpickle Games:

From just one press release, distributed via Game producer.net’s services. Our game caught enough attention to be listed in most of the large online gaming sites and an interview published in a magazine. I’m looking forward to our next press release!

Maher F. Farag, Ancientsoft:

gameproducer.net is an amazing site, service and forum. It is worth every penny I spent on it and it was the best money I ever spent compared to many of its services (PR alone is more than enough). On another level the people here are professional, helpful and keeps you motivated to your target. Thanks everyone here especially Juuso for all the tips, helps, marketing and website promotion PDFs I can not give you the credit you deserve because at the end of the day and everyday you deserve more.

Masfonos, Taboo Builder:

It’s really no point to write all those same answers again so read above, it’s all true

Philip J. Ludington, Mr. Phil Games:

The thing I like about Insiders is participants are more open about their projects and problem because it isn’t broadcasted to the world. Besides there are so many fringe benefits, it is like Christmas comes four times a year.

Xavi Sánchez, Evolution Dreams Studio:

The press release service alone is more than you can expect for the money. But we think that the press release consultation is the most valuable service, as it is so hard to write a good PR focused on the important things.

Dex “DFX”, Reflective Layer:

One of the coolest things about Game Producer is its Press Release service. It announced my games on lots of gaming sites that I had trouble getting on on my own. Also the gaming business forum is another resource on Game Producer that helped me market my game.

Dave Williams, Gamertrainer.com, LLC:

Insider membership has been great for us – The press release service alone helped us nab a great interview with Techpin.com on our online video game lessons and some terrific feature articles on Techcrunch.com and Crispygamer.com. Not to mention all the great, well organized info for gaming start-ups. Juuso – thanks for the opportunity to work with your organization as well as all the personal advice and support – Gamertrainer.com is a huge fan!

Brian Meidell, The Game Equation:

The insider forums provide a noise-free environment for relevant discussion, and the press release service alone is easily worth the price.

So, basically people like it and the price is terrific. You agree with me on this, right? :)

The bottom line of my sales pitch is this:

  • The membership gives you a unique resource to learn about game production, and an unique opportunity to network with other like-minded people.
  • The service is created to help you get to the next level: to get more traffic, downloads, sales, and to help you make games more effectively.
  • By using the press release (and tips) you can get you back the money you’ve invested pretty easily. The service cost can be recouped with just only 5-6 sold copies of your game.

Need more sales?

Not a problem: simply ask around the private forums, read the ebooks and put some proven methods that will help you generate income from your work. It’s all there available for those who join.

You can save $100 by joining now

I’m raising the price to around $200 per year but for you the price is $100ish per year (or 10ish bucks per month) which equals to about 5 sold copies per year).

Think of it: with only the price of five sold copies, you’ve managed to cover the fee… and if $100 sounds too much you can choose the $9.97 monthly fee (that’s like a few less beers per month, or big hamburger meal or something else that sums up “close to nothing”)

This is the last chance to get the service for this this bargain price. When there’s 100 members, the price goes up.

This blog has tens of thousands of readers and there’s close to thousand email subscribers who are getting informed about this offer. I cannot guarantee that this offer is available for long. Only the next 21 18 16 actually now it’s 13 members get in for this price.

Join today

Take advantage of this one-time chance for discount, and click here to proceed to Order page.

Still need more info? Take a look at the Insiders page for more details.

If you have anything to ask about the membership, please feel free to ask me about the membership – I’m open to questions.

P.S. Even my dog looks amazed to see this sweet deal:

(I’m trying to be funny here you know, but I really honestly think the current price is way too low for the value the service offers – which is basically the message you can read from testimonials on this page too – and wanted to give you guys chance to exploit this offer before the price goes up. Aren’t I nice. Join today when there’s still spots to take)

P.P.S. Remember to forward me your paypal receipt and tell me your forum username, so I can activate the account (should happen within about 24 hours from the order)

P.P.P.S (Edit: Orders started coming in, now there’s not room for 21 but 18 more. I’ll be activating those accounts as soon as possible, and updating the figure as we go… EDIT 2: As I was writing that last sentence one more order came, so now we are down to 16 more spots… EDIT 3: Checking stats before going to sleep, now there’s only 13 spots left)

72 Insiders Now (and ‘Launch’ of the Game Market Research Ebook)

Today we got a new member to Insiders. There’s now total of 72 Insider members: individuals, companies, indie game developers, people who work at AAA companies, game trainers and you name it. I remember when we started with the private forums (where first me and Mr. Phil talked alone :)), and now we’ve grown into having the press release service, tons of information and ebooks about game selling, members privately talking about marketing, traffic, development, and other good stuff.

I’ve just created a new ebook (4 pages: short and simple) for Insiders only and wanted to say a bit about game market research. It’s a game market research ebook and gives information about what game market research is (thus the name…) and how to actually a conduct a research. It contains some juicy tips on how big portals for example figure out games that sell well.

That’s for Insiders only.

Less sales pitch talk tomorrow.

P.S. Those of you who want to enjoy free goodies should get on the mailing list – there’s good free stuff there too.

Ad-Free Game Producer Blog For Insiders

I’ve recently done a small change that will help Insiders read GameProducer.net without ads. Basically this means that no ads for those who subscribe to the service (current price is $9.97 USD per month or $99.70 per year).

Naturally Insiders membership still comes with all the other goodies such as the press release distribution service, private forums, special articles and so on. Detailed information about the benefits are listed here.

GameRelease.net Updates

It’s been pretty hectic getting back from the holidays and going through all the emails, preparing the forum launch and everything. I’ve finally got (read: made) time to work on my press release distribution system and thought to plug it here a bit.

At the time of writing, GameRelease.net has total of 180 active contacts (list here), and while the number has increased – I’ve systematically deleted emails that have bounced any press releases. I make 100% sure that the list is only for those who actually read the emails. Those who don’t want to get contacted via email can read the PR feed. There is about 30 contacts or so today who read the feed.

Besides making sure that the list is active members only, I built an archive of press releases (that goes back as far as early 2006) and there anybody can read any of the press releases they want. I will make few additions to the system so that there will be a simple quota system (which ensures that Insiders can send roughly 1 press release per week, or about 4-5 per month) – and will be naturally stored to the archives.

Last but not least, I’m creating a small reporting script that will email users how the distribution was done – and who got their email.

That’s enough advertising for now. Check out GameRelease.net for more information about getting coverage for your products. In the following days I shall publish the next edition of the Game Producer Carnival. There’s several good submissions for you to check out – stay tuned.

Insiders Population: 11

4 new Game Producer Insiders have joined within the past weeks making the total amount 10 excluding me. When you count me in, there’s total of 11 Insider members. New Insiders are:

  • Vex – game development company focused on development of entertainment products.
  • Oaf -mobile phone games developer and publisher. Maker of Blobbit Dash
  • Aymes – game developer, maker of free ClickBeat game
  • Arex – programmer working on his self-made graphics engine and doing software programming for Nvidia.

You can see each Insider’s websites in the side menu of GameProducer.net.

It’s great to see more developers joining the discussions and sharing their thoughts. Getting new contacts and discussing game development with as little noise as possible are some of the key ideas behind Insider membership.

Note: I have made a new payment option available. The original one-time US $50 fee is still there, but for those of you who’d like to make the payment in smaller portions I have set up an option to pay the membership in 12 months for $5 per month (total membership fee is $60 for this type of payments).

For those of you who got curious, check out here for more details.