More New Insiders Joined

Two new Insiders joined, which makes it five new members this month. Total membership count being 7 (including myself). I have great expectations for the Insiders forums and membership – and it’s great to hear that same message also from the members’ mouth. One aspect of the forums is that it attracts not just indies, but also people who have worked (or are working on) with AAA games. It’s nice to hear stories from both sides of the fence: from indies and from the ‘big world’. Insiders have different backgrounds – just take a look at their websites (nklein, Mike Acton, wieder, Indiepath and Mr. Phil) and you can find out what kind of mix we currently have. In case you missed the previous entries, I’ve set up a new Insiders category where you can find related posts.

The one-time $50 fee – strategy of focusing on quality – seems to work fine: it’s enough to keep spammers away, but small enough for serious indies to handle.

P.S. I’m adding a news sending feature on Monday: that enables Insiders to send news that will appear site-wide…

New Insiders

Three new game developers joined the Game Producer Insiders. Here’s the latest information from one of the new members.

Charlie Wiederhold, who works as an associate producer at Gearbox Software, decided to join the insiders. Here’s what Charlie has to say:

“Two weeks ago I started at my new role as Associate Producer on a title at Gearbox Software (still near Dallas, Texas like 3D Realms).

While at 3DR I had started as a level designer, then moved into programming after about 4 years on Duke Nukem Forever. After about 2 more years I moved into more of a Producer role. After 2 years of that (8 years total) I opted for a change and started looking around. After a pretty good amount of seeing what was out there Gearbox had the best thing going that matched with my career goals as well as what I’m looking for in a company right now.

Before 3DR I spent 1 year at Ritual Entertainment as a level designer and scripter on Sin. Before that I spent about 6 months full time and 6 months contract with Sunstorm Interactive doing addons for Build Engine games (Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage). There I was a level designer, programmer, and psuedo-project manager/producer.

I’m still getting settled into Gearbox, but over the next few days I’m looking forward to contributing to some of the other questions you’ve asked in the forums so far. I think there is a valid need for a discussion place focused on the Producer aspect of game development… so I would like to see this succeed. :)”

You are warmly welcome to the Insiders Charlie!

First One to Join the Game Producer Insiders

Insider Members Count: 2

I’m proud to announce the increase in population of GameProducer.NET Insiders: me and Mr. Phil.

For those of you who don’t know what the Insider membership is all about, here’s a brief reminder: GameProducer.NET Insider is dedicated for those indies who are serious about making games, and generating income online. What the forums and membership provides a noise-free place for indies game developers to come, share their ideas, get positive feedback, get inspired, inspire others, and make things happen together.

Insider membership gets you the following benefits:

Noise-free environment for discussion with other serious game developers
One-time membership fee is $50, which is high enough to get spammers away, but low enough for serious developers to pay. The policy is to rather have few members who are serious about succeeding at game business than lots of members talking nonsense.

Permanent listing on GameProducer.NET website
Your website will be given a permanent link listed under ‘members’.

Appear on ‘Insider Members’ category
A post (or posts) about you and your business will be published here at GameProducer.NET. There are visitor statistics available at our sponsor page.

Get specialized help on your game production issues
How you could generate more sales, how you could get more traffic, how you could promote your game. That’s what the forums are all about: to help in game production.

Other benefits (coming in the near future)
Two other major benefits are available only for Insider members:
- Banner advertisement at GameProducer.NET (exact details will be informed in the future)
- Possibility to send news that will appear on
Both of these items are to generate value for readers (by displaying relevant game production information), but also to give you publicity and drive traffic to your site.

Serious game production discussions
Besides the benefits mentions before, there’s ongoing discussion about the following areas:
- Sales guide: fundamentals, tips, tricks and ways to generate sales.
- Special stories: detailed information on how members are doing their business, what ways they are using to promote their game and website to generate more traffic, how they are generating income – tips, tricks and methods that game producers can implement and use.
- Best practises: experiments with different areas of production, and finding out the best practices from pre-production to post-production

Hear what our first member has to say
Mr.Phil has already benefited from being membership by getting another point-of-view about his situation, and how he could use his story as a promotional tool. I would warmly recommend you to take a look at Mr. Phil’s blog post and judge yourself how our first member sees the Insider membership.

Joining process
If you got interested, check out the details about how to join and start benefiting from the service.