Note to Self: Be Careful With Aprils Fool Stuff

Year ago (or so) I published this bounty hunting aprils fool website. I recently got a new email:

Hi my name is ****
Im from ******* ******** and Im *** old.I was wonder if I could get more info about how to get job as bounty hunter.

The reason i want to join your company is chasing criminals. The reason for it is people who try to live against the law always makes trouble for every single citizens and residents.
For example when people copy movies illegally and sell to other people it cause more money to the company who produce movie or software. even people who work illegally in united state cause problem. problem especially now a lot of citizens and residents needs job but they cant get job because of illegal worker. also united state without can live better.

I’m not sure if this guy is trying to fool me, but he did send me another email:

I have a question

If I find someone who work illegally does it count if i tell you guys


Unfortunately – due time constraints – my bounty hunting website cannot help with the US immigrant issues.

Also, Aprils Fool day is approaching again – just two weeks to go. I wonder what I can set up for that day…

P.S. This blog post is also a marketing campaign reminder…

The Only Certain Thing About the Future Is That It’s Uncertain

No matter how experienced we become, it’s pretty darn hard to predict the future. Or anything where you have variable “human” in it.

Yesterday, I made a blog post about how many computers we really need and it quickly got several replies. It’s not super-much, but several replies is several replies. I didn’t expect those. I certainly didn’t expect seeing “DVDs are history” comment there.

Similarly, I wasn’t expecting so many positive comments on newsletter hack thing.

I think this goes for bigger scale as well. I was watching some music publisher guy saying that when they took Apocalyptica under their wings, they estimated that this band could sell perhaps 4000 units – so they tried it. They ended up selling something like million units or whatever. And this guru had long experience from the scene.

As Gandalf said: “Even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

(He also said “My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill before this is over.”, but let’s not get stuck in that.)

Prediction is very hard, especially about the future.

Joke In a Bush Is Better Than Two In the Hand

Yesterday’s post got some comments that got me thinking about joking and how jokes affect people.

Years ago I used “offensive” jokes much more often than I do today. Offensive, as in the meaning that “they could offend”. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with those jokes, but by looking back I can see that clearly they could be taken offensively. I guess it was pretty okay since the same people joked back at me the same way and were my best friends anyway. (Anyone seen Gran Torino? Where Clint was speaking in that movie shouting very harshly to others. That wasn’t how we joked, ours speech were much milder).

I’m the kind of person who makes jokes about myself, and also jokes among friends and people I know. I’m no comedian (those aren’t funny anyway), but I do like “intelligent” humor where the words are more important than how loud they are said (think of British tv comedy over American tv comedy – very generally speaking, there’s gems in American tv as well). This wasn’t a joke so, it can’t be taken offensive. Right?


There isn’t really a safe spot when it comes to joking. Joking only about yourself is a good start, but even then there’s dangers if you move to the areas like “my religion” or “my favourite politician” or “my handicap” or whatever. You might also use harsh language or use jokes related to sex – it all can be too much to some people.

Let’s take a few examples:

  • Is it okay to make jokes about handicapped people? Some people would say “no, it’s not okay” while some people – including those with a handicap – might say “yes, sure – it’s okay”.
  • What about South Park – is it too much? Some people dislike it a lot, some people think it’s just fine.
  • Monthy Python? They joked about very many things (mainly British…)
  • Or take Ali G / Borat / BrĂ¼no – do you think this guy has bad humor?
  • Joking about British tv comedy over American tv comedy? Some people will not tolerate if somebody jokes about comedy shown in American tv (especially when shown in comparison to British tv – even when this is merely an opinion of one person who prefers one after another).

My guideline (where I aim to), is to minimize insulting people/peoples/genres/age/sex/stuff with my speech (it’s been greatly reduced compared to what it was years ago, but still need to work with this area), and to keep joking about myself and voices in my head.

Joking is a very serious issue. The jokes and humor is important. Joking affects people around you. It’s way to handle difficult things. It’s way to build team spirit and connect people. It’s way to sell games.

It’s (hopefully) fun too.

What you think about jokes & humor?

Talk Like A Pirate Day Is Coming

Thanks to Temposaur I now know that talk like a pirate day is coming tomorrow. My hunch is telling me that it’s not about software pirates… but those other pirates who sailed on Caribbean several hundred years ago, with parrots on their shoulder and eye patches covering their – umm – eyes.

Anyway, I thought to skip those Caribbean pirates and talk like a software pirate right away:

  • The Pirate: “Your game sucks. That’s why I don’t buy it. I crack it.” (Juuso: and keep on playing?)
  • “I will buy your game if it’s good enough” (after 5 years he’s forgotten this)
  • “Anyone got licence key for [name of game]?” (yeh we do, we like bought the darn game you know)
  • “EA is evil.” (yeh, so what? Stop whining you whine-whiner)
  • “Piracy isn’t stealing” (technically correct but doesn’t make it any more acceptable…)
  • “You suck!” (loads of sucking I see)
  • “Everybody else is pirating, so shall I” (Hey, I saw bunch of guys jumping off the cliff, I wonder why you didn’t join them?)
  • “I cannot afford to buy games, I only have this brand new Quad-core computer, iphone, PlayStation 3, 40″ inch TV, cable with me” (poor you, I guess all the fancy gadgets took all your money and after all, those darn casual games cost as much as $5.99 so I can totally relate with you)
  • “DRMs suck!” (well, at least this is something I totally agree with)

Any more additions?

What Goes Around Comes Around (Bitching)

I was having this nice conversation with a friend of mine…

Robbo! (15:38):
ok, going to send you a whole bunch of variations soon
Juuso (15:38):
please name them clearly
Robbo! (16:00):
saw one of the responses on the forum, not very helpful
Juuso (16:00):
there’s usually helpful comments… just wait …
Robbo! (16:00):
hehe yeah I know, just hate when people post useless things
Robbo! (16:01):
well, hate’s a strong word
Juuso (16:01):
stop bitching
Robbo! (16:01):
(after downloading Robbo’s zip file)
Juuso – sanoo (16:03):
“please name them clearly”

Robbo! sanoo (16:03):
stop bitching

Heh. I’ll do that.
(I knew that he would reply me like that)

How To Confuse An Idiot

Spotted this from Indiegamer. Couldn’t resist posting.

(I was totally clicking this like several time and wondering why it wasn’t working… guilty as charged by the blog title.)

By the way, awesome marketing example of something going viral – the youtube video has like 200k views…