I Sure Am a Consumer Who Wants to Buy Stuff (That’s Why Companies Must Love Me)

I’m keen on buying (useless) game related stuff. I buy new video games. I buy new board games. I buy all sorts of material that will “help me make games”. I even bought a custom card deck (that maybe actually was useful. Maybe. Kind of) Of course I’m doing this to get better knowledge about the gaming industry (yeah, right).

I suppose that when I say mention to collegues how I’m “doing market research” (buying video games), “benchmarking competitors” (testing board games), “learning game design” (buying new board games) they nod their heads in respectful manner and agree that “we all need to know what’s happening in our industry”… but who am I really fooling? We are just kids who wants toys. We just have hard time accepting that.

Okay, maybe I really learn from the stuff I buy, but I think my wife is kind of right when she asks me “do you really need all that new material to make games?”

I know you guys might be in the same situation, and I know we kids need toys to play with, but how you guys really argument all the purchases you do? How you convince yourself to buy new gaming gear?

Are they really that useful?

Or are we just consumers that are fooling ourselves?

When Somebody Whines About Your Game, Check Out This Video

This was kind of fun. Sort of.

Okay, I actually don’t think whining about whining goes nowhere but you gotta have humor every now and then. Just remember that those who say bad things about your game are actually one of your most precious assets: some of them are whiners that you really need to ignore, but there’s many people who simply would want your game to be better but don’t know how to argument. Listening to “bad feedback” is actually one of best ways to improve your offering.

But I’m sure you already knew that.

How To Spot a Bad Argument

I happened to spot this conversation:

you have to be a complete idiot to buy this over the iphone 3gs


Thank you for that well thought out, articulated, and thoughtful comment backed by facts and supporting points you specified.

Let me help you out here. Whenever you feel the urge to end a sentence like “OmGz Iph0Ne iz teh L33tzorz”, ask yourself “did I put the word ‘because’ in there?” If not, then you could sound like a bigger idiot than originally anticipated!

Here, I’ll show you a few examples:
Hai Gaiz, Teh N97 PWNZERZ teh Iph0ne(lol) cuz:
1.) Iph0ne(lol) is STILL more xpensive cuz of karrier h|dd3n pheez which yuo dn’t have 2 pay if you dun use a iph0ne(lol)

2.) Iph0ne(lol) laks maj0r feetures laik:
-DVD Qualety kamkorder on teh N97 w/ Karl Zeiss lenz
-QWERTY (I’m drunk) Keyboard to drunk txt ur mom
-32gb + Xpandable memory
-My phone is teh sexier than ur phone


See how it’s done? I charge by the hour for internet trolling lessons, look me up and send me a MMS from your new iphone ;)


Okay, Here’s One Wierd Game (Guy)

Shoot Paul. This guy has installed a webcam and a shootcam. Basically, you can shoot the guy with a paintball gun by remote controlling the gun via web. I just saw Paul typing something, and I saw somebody trying to target him (I saw the aiming cursor & camera moving).


Heh, I signed up, noticed a hole in his defense and took a shot – and hit! Strange, but I simply had to let him know that I was sorry for having shot him… (although this picture was taken after the situation – Paul left his computer and let me shoot him in the bottocs. Crazy man. I bet he’ll be really, really famous one day.)

W00t! \o/

I still don’t really know whadda heck that title exactly means, but the first time I saw some kids using this in a chat I was like: O_o


SMS is 160 character messaging.

Twitter is 140 character messaging.

People use stuff like this to communicate.

They invent all kinds of odd short phrases.

Where the heck is humanity heading?


I was messing around putting mouseX, mouseY and mouseHit info in parameters. Since these words were reserved by the programming tool, I thought to just drop one letter from each. mousX and mousY were fine for alternatives for variable names since I couldn’t use mouseX and mouseY. After that, I accidentally wrote moushit (instead of mousHit), which kind of sounds something else than “mouse” and “hit” together.

This reminded me that It’s pretty easy to get yourself into trouble when coming up with names.

In variable naming it might not be too big of a deal, but too bad if this occurs when naming children, or when launching new companies or software or simply when coming up with a game name. Well, I suppose (mou)shit just happens.

You don’t by any chance know any mou-shitty company names?

Uh… Is This Like… Normal?

I had this conversation (very witty dVyper, very witty :) online chat today. It went somewhat like this:

He: “Hi, how’s it going? lol”

Me: “heh :)”

He: “(:”

Me: “XD”

He: “:D”

Me: “rofl”

He: “w00t!”

Me: “We are having a nice conversation here.”

He: “lol”

Where the hell is humanity heading to?