Are We Evil? (Or Creative?)

In yesterday’s post about best feature, I commented how fun it was to smack your opponent outside the actual gameplay.

Then… several guys reported the same: how they enjoy outside gameplay stuff where you can pester your competitors.

Are we – as players – evil?

Are game designers/developers/producers evil… when they create things which we can use for stuff like this?

(Or are we all just creative? Or both?)

It’s Good That Ethics Still Have a Place In The World

I got some emails and comments about the ethics of getting paid to promote something via mailing list. Some people asked if it’s unethical thing to do?

I agree that I could have worded the thing better, but basically… here’s how the story goes.

Let’s suppose you subscribe to some mailing list. Let’s say it’s some game dev mailing list.

When you subscribe to the list, you are announced to get information about news, and products, and promotions and whatnot.

Then you start receiving the emails.

You might not realize, but the game dev mailing list owners get money to show ads and promote stuff in the list. The stuff that you’d hopefully like (since it should be targeted). And if you don’t like it… you can always unsubscribe from the list. All power is within your hands, and nobody else never gets your email (it’s solely only in the game dev mailing list database – as long as you choose it to be).

Now… what I was working on is just the same. Just switch “game dev” with “gamer stuff” and things are pretty equal.

Of course if you have a mailing list where you’ve promised to email only material that’s related for example “Japanese fighting games” and then suddenly start promoting “action race games” or “new game development kit” then of course you are breaking a promise you’ve made to your audience. (Even though some might like the kit news, what they really expected was a new Japanese fighting game).


It’s good that there’s ethics in this world… especially in dealing with emails. Everybody hates spam. Especially when there’s 2078 spam emails in your inbox.

What Goes Around Comes Around (Bitching)

I was having this nice conversation with a friend of mine…

Robbo! (15:38):
ok, going to send you a whole bunch of variations soon
Juuso (15:38):
please name them clearly
Robbo! (16:00):
saw one of the responses on the forum, not very helpful
Juuso (16:00):
there’s usually helpful comments… just wait …
Robbo! (16:00):
hehe yeah I know, just hate when people post useless things
Robbo! (16:01):
well, hate’s a strong word
Juuso (16:01):
stop bitching
Robbo! (16:01):
(after downloading Robbo’s zip file)
Juuso – sanoo (16:03):
“please name them clearly”

Robbo! sanoo (16:03):
stop bitching

Heh. I’ll do that.
(I knew that he would reply me like that)

Why Am I Doing This? (Why Are You Doing That?)

Just read comment from one of you readers:

hi, im new here, this is my first post to this blog, i just ask to this blog owner, what is your target to build this famous blog with million traffic? does it including for making money? can you reply my question to my mail? thanks very much for your apreciation, i pursiate that if you want to reply my answer,

While I won’t be answering via email, I thought that the question was so interesting that I just had to write the answer here, in a specific blog post.

So… why do I do this stuff? (stuff here meaning writing this blog)

Here’s some things that have happened to me after I started writing this blog:

  • I’ve got some pretty cool contacts ranging from producers from top notch companies such as EA, Sony, Relic, and many more
  • Even cooler: I’ve come to know many, many more indie developers than I did earlier
  • Almost million unique visitors have been here on this blog (that’s pretty cool)
  • I’ve got job offers from some nice places (even from here in Finland, and we don’t have many companies here)
  • I’ve got to work with various really interesting companies and I’ve been able to help people out
  • There’s people saying that they like the site content (that’s like the best thing to hear)
  • I’ve got some decent deals and got some decent income from various places
  • I’ve managed to share some pics of our dogs
  • I’ve learned a lot

But… none of these is the main reason why I like to (do gaming stuff and) update this blog. The “thanks” part is of course really nice (and can’t blame for any $$$), and even though there’s like million people who have came here, the main reason why I do this stuff is:

  • Because I like doing this stuff.

It’s just simple as that.

I like writing this stuff. It really didn’t matter to me whether there was 1 or 1000 or 1 million people reading this stuff. I… just like doing this and now have been doing this for like 4 years or so. When the site traffic went up, I continued writing. When it got down, I continued writing. When it got back up again, I continued writing.

I guess this is no different from you guys who read this blog: you also like doing indie stuff and will be doing that even if you were the last person on earth. (Hey, that’s a good definition for indie I’d say)

We just like doing this stuff and keep on doing as long as it’s fun. Right?

Man I Hate Fever

It sucks to be ill. Especially when you’ve promised to deliver something yesterday. I promised to get Dead Wake community version out this weekend (aimed for yesterday, but said that I’d do it “on Sunday”). Well, guess what – now I got this fraking fever and a sore throat.

I feel faint and bad due being ill, but I feel much worse for not being able to do what I promised.

This sucks.

Do You Have a Firm Handshake?

Every now and then I meet some dude who has a weak handshake. It feels something like a dead fish greeting or something. Not necessarily a totally bad thing, but kind of sends a bit bad image about the guy. Similarly, I occasionally meet some people with a really firm handshake (strangely enough, they are often pretty old folks).

It gives you a strange feeling when a somebody gives you a lousy handshake, and on the other hand – when you meet somebody (almost) stranger giving a firm handshake you immediately form an opinion about him. A firm handshake gives me a sign about a strong person (businesswise), a weak handshake about a weak person.

What your handshake tells about you?

Here’ll Be The Success Formula

I got this from a book by Harvey Mackay Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt. It’s an old book, but it mentions this formula for success (I read the Finnish version so not totally sure if these are the exact words, but the same idea is there):

success = focus + determination + goal setting (+ courage)

Not sure if this formula is 110% solid and covers everything necessary, but I feel that it indeed has many – if not all – the important aspects for success. Many of you readers mentioned that you are risk takers which in my books means you guys have courage.

If I think of all the rest of the elements, I realize that can ask myself a series of questions:

  • Is my business focused?
    Am I determined?
    How is my goal setting?

Then, I can start thinking of how to create a more focused business? How to become a better goal setter and more determined?

Terribly simple questions, but answering each of them can have a huge impact on me I believe.

I Sure Am a Consumer Who Wants to Buy Stuff (That’s Why Companies Must Love Me)

I’m keen on buying (useless) game related stuff. I buy new video games. I buy new board games. I buy all sorts of material that will “help me make games”. I even bought a custom card deck (that maybe actually was useful. Maybe. Kind of) Of course I’m doing this to get better knowledge about the gaming industry (yeah, right).

I suppose that when I say mention to collegues how I’m “doing market research” (buying video games), “benchmarking competitors” (testing board games), “learning game design” (buying new board games) they nod their heads in respectful manner and agree that “we all need to know what’s happening in our industry”… but who am I really fooling? We are just kids who wants toys. We just have hard time accepting that.

Okay, maybe I really learn from the stuff I buy, but I think my wife is kind of right when she asks me “do you really need all that new material to make games?”

I know you guys might be in the same situation, and I know we kids need toys to play with, but how you guys really argument all the purchases you do? How you convince yourself to buy new gaming gear?

Are they really that useful?

Or are we just consumers that are fooling ourselves?

Are Movies Messing With Your Brain?

They sure do that for me. Let’s pose a question: after seeing your favorite movie starring your favorite character, do you ever feel like you’d want to play a game and control the character you saw in the movie?

Like, after seeing Lords of The Rings you feel an urge to play as Gandalf (or say “run you fools” to your friends) or something like that. I bet you do. At least sometimes.

Well, I’m like that.

I know that rationally that makes no much sense. I wanna be me. I don’t really care how some long wood creature called Treebeard lives, but after seeing Treebeard in the movie, I start talking to my dogs with that funny voice. When I do that, the dogs look at me as oddly as you think of me now.


It’s kind of strange how seeing things affects on our (well, mine at least) mind to experience things. Logically speaking, even though Battlestar’s Adama is a cool leader in my opinion, it doesn’t really make no sense to why I choose Adama in the board game version. After all, the only Adama in game is depicted in the character card, with some special skills listed. For strategic purposes, I could equally well pick some other character – but I wanna pick Adama.

Choosing Adama as my character, doesn’t make me Adama, but somehow I’ve always felt some sort of cool feeling for roleplaying things. When we played ice hockey as kids, we were roleplaying Teemu Selänne. When we played war outdoors, we were shooting Terminators and stuff.

Maybe it’s not the movies that mess up things. Maybe it’s just our brain that creates us a feeling that brings something more into experiencing games. Something that games cannot provide inside. Something that we must choose to put in to games.

Maybe we just need to give ourselves to act childish sometimes, and really enjoy playing games?