Duke Nukem Forever – Teaser Video

I have mixed feelings after seeing this demo. Duke Nukem has always been the tough guy, but with a comical aspect. Now the 3D guy on the video seems too serious, and the voice somehow (in my opinion) would fit better for 2D Duke. Also the alien wild boar (or whatever they are called) look “strange” in high polygon 3D. Maybe it’s just my old habits saying that 2D Duke was the best Duke. If you don’t take the history aspect into account, the teaser video graphics look really nice.

3D Realms might have got accusations and blame for the project, but if you think about it… they’ve also got people talking about the phenomenon. Even if it takes a decade to complete, they can use the negative press – and turn it into a massive hit.

Or, it might fail big time. I think expectations are so high, and people so emotional about the game that it’s either one big hit – or one big miss.

Perhaps it’s too early to say anything… let’s wait for the Duke Nukem Forever release.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser video:

What do you think? Still loyally waiting for the game?

Zombie Game Project Video Clip (#1)

Yesterday I promised to show you a short video clip. As mentioned in that post, I have got some things finished faster than I anticipated.

I’m actually going through my stories (that’s extreme term for “big task” or “objective” or “feature”) this weekend and new planning, since most of the tasks I planned for the next 2 weeks are finished.

Here’s a brief video that gives you little taste about the game… all art is placeholder art, so the style will somewhat change when I get to put proper stuff there.

Zombie Or Not (Video Clip)

Found this funny video that really clears out what zombies are… or aren’t.

It’s pretty interesting how seemingly simple concepts (“what is zombie”, or “what is a casual game”) can have a variety meaning in the people’s minds.

Anyway, here’s the clip. I totally agree with the guy on the right (well… except perhaps about the last potential zombie seen on the video).

Why do we make these things so complex?

Are You As Motivated As The Penguin In This Video Clip?

It’s Monday, and a friend of mine showed me this video. It’s old one, but I hadn’t seen it before – and thought to share.

Strangely, whether you relate to this piece of movie or not actually tells quite a lot of your current job.

In some jobs the situation can be like this. There’s a difference between Mondays and Fridays.

Check this out:

That was pretty fun (at least when I first time watched it), and I think relating to this video can be a pretty good indicator whether you like your job or not. If you feel like the penguin in the video on Fridays, and move like that polar bear on Mondays, then ask yourself: are you working in your dream job? If you don’t like going to your current job, then do you have your dream job?

Every job (perhaps) has its ups and downs, but I personally think we all should be like that penguin – every day we work. We should be filled with energy every day we work. If you feel that you are just waiting for the weekend (and feel really tired on Friday), then wouldn’t it make sense to make a plan to be in a job where you enjoy working every day?

Are you really motivated to work? Do you feel energetic every day when you start working? If not, have you made any plans to change your situation?

Hilarious Peggle Zero Punctuation Video Review

I noticed a thread about funny video reviews at Indiegamer. I haven’t seen these Zero Punctuation reviews earlier, but better late than never.

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is doing weekly web video game reviews that appear at Escapist magazine.

He describes himself like this: “When he isn’t talking very fast into a headset mic he also designs freeware adventure games and does the occasional feature for Australia’s Hyper Magazine.” – and after watching the video, this sounds accurate…

Here’s a video review about Peggle game by PopCap. Watch it – it’s hilarious.

See more of these reviews here: Zero Punctuation at Escapist magazine

Halo 3 Leaked Before Launch – Was It On Purpose?

Halo 3 has leaked and before proceeding I must point out that.

Halo 3 leak has been discussed on several sites. Gameindustry.biz reports that the game can be illegally downloaded from the net and can be played on modified Xbox 360s. Theinquirer had another story (from April) about the leak that contains a video about the gameplay (I’ve embedded the video on this post).

Was the leak done on purpose?
I doubt that Microsoft would help getting pirate version, or gameplay video about – but a paranoid in me still asks if this was done on purpose. Simply watching the stats of the video: 2,855,425 views. Almost 3 million people have watched the video (which shows beta play) at the time of writing – and that’s pretty darn good free publicity.

How much would it cost to get thousands and thousands of websites and magazines to write about the gameplay video? I bet it would cost a lot… unless it was “leaked” – which makes a great story in itself.

I doubt that the illegal pirate version of the game was leaked on purpose (actually I’m not even 100% sure that there is a leaked version. Who knows – perhaps this was just another marketing trick), but who knows.

Whatever is the truth, one thing is for sure: Halo 3 launch happens on next Tuesday and at the moment pretty much every game magazine are writing about it. Thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of websites are writing about Halo… for free.

Here’s the April video showing gameplay from a beta version of Halo 3.

Creating buzz by leaking (or “leaking”) stuff sure seems to work.

Update: Messed up with some dates – the gameplay video is actually several months old.

Getting Rich Overnight

Shoemoney – one of the favorite persons in the Internet business I listen to – has done a nice little video answering to the question if it’s possible to get rich overnight. The last comment sums it up very well.

Just watch the video now, I’ll comment this more on the below paragraphs.

In the video, Shoe talks how it requires work to earn bucks.

I’ve heard similar talk from many sources. Donald Trump – the multi billionaire – for example has said that sure, there are big news about million dollar deals that were closed in one month – or even during one day, but those stories are just tip of the iceberg. Pretty much all the successful people who happen to come out-of-blue (for the public) have really worked hard years and years before their public presence. The media is just interested to hear “how somebody made millions in just one year”, when in reality somebody might have worked decades to reach that point.

If somebody can run 100 meters in less than ten seconds, that sure sounds great – but they don’t record the fact that the guy has trained running since he was 4-years old. These “big shot” stories might fail to tell the history behind the success – and that’s us to bear in mind.

Jim Collins wrote (with help of a big research group) a book called Good to Great. I’ve been reading 40 pages now and it has been interesting to see what kind of leaders the extraordinary companies had. These leaders didn’t shout about “how they did it” when things are going good, and these leaders aren’t blaming others when things were going badly. The leaders were concentrating on what needed to be done – and focusing on doing it. (This space is far too small to say all the insight in the book so I really recommend checking out that book. )

Basically the leaders of the truly extraordinary companies (measured by success in the market in decades compared to other companies) were humble, yet had strict focus on making the company great. These guys weren’t seen on the news (telling how they got rich overnight).

Sure – there are stories about how fast somebody is successful, but those stories might forget what these people did in the past.

As Shoemoney says on that video about getting rich overnight: “good luck with it”.

What Resident Evil and Tetris Has in Common

There’s something strangely addictive in zombie slaughtering games. Yesterday I watched Dawn of the Dead movie, and while it’s very bloody (and perhaps not suitable for all ages) there’s still something strangely addictive and thrilling in that survival genre: there’s the atmosphere where you have to be on your toes all the time. Basically the movie plot is that undead zombies walk and try to attack (and eat) everybody they see… and the main characters have to survive.

Resident Evil game series use the survival theme to make the game enjoyable. While I’ve never played a lot of these games, I’ve always thought there’s something fun in shooting those zombies (and this opinion comes from somebody who also enjoys reading Dalai Lamas or Gandhi’s texts – I suppose I try to be pretty open to different things). I suppose there’s something similar with why Tetris is so addictive: more and more blocks come and you have to “survive” – and finally there will be so many blocks that the game ends.

Compare that to some zombie games: first there will be just a few zombies that you can shoot, then there will be more… and more. And finally there can be so many zombies that you might not be able to handle as you desperately try to shoot what you can. This comparison with Tetris is a slightly exaggerated, as these big budget games (such as Resident Evil) usually carry some sort of a plot. The gameplay is based around the survival, just like in Tetris.

Here’s a resent video of Resident Evil 5.

While the video might look like something that we could see in PC, it’s quite interesting that the horror survival genre is concentrated on the console side: Xbox and Playstation have these type of games… but if you look at the PC offerings: almost zero. Zombie themed survival horror games are for some reason published for the consoles.


I suppose the market decides what it can bear, but I’ve seen other survival games that have done quite well (not just Tetris, but even independently developed games such as Shadowgrounds). It’s bit of a surprise that there are no big survival game hits for PC – or at least not many that would have sold loads.

The zombie survival games have a lot of common with famous PC titles (like Tetris), yet for some reason these survival games are often published only for consoles.

Maybe that could be an open market opportunity for indie developers?