How to play Dwarf Zombies game (and sort of pre-FAQ)

Updated November 1st, 2010


In dwarf zombies game, you will guide a group of heroes killing some zombies, hopefully reaching the final location and saving the kingdom.

Dwarf specialties

In the game, the dwarves have special abilities. To see their abilities, simply move your mouse cursor on top of any dwarf and you will see a hint explaining what each dwarf can do.


In the game, you will have 7 dwarves to control. 3 of them will be regular guards with no specialties, and 4 are randomly chosen from the available of 7 dwarves.

Game rounds

The game is turn-based, and each round you choose an action to each of your dwarves. After you've chosen the actions, each dwarf (starting from topmost) resolves their action. Please notice that each dwarf cannot do same action in succession. For example, a guard dwarf could not attack - attack - attack during 3 rounds. He can attack - support - attack though.


Attack is perhaps the most commonly used action. When doing attack, you have 75% of hitting one zombie your character is facing. Dwarf specialties can change the attacks, so check out the special skills.


Dwarves next to the supporting dwarf will receive bonus for their defense (when facing correctly). This support is indicated using small "support icons" which will appear near the dwarf. For example, if POSSESSED dwarf receives support from GUARD. If zombies attack POSSESSED from behind, the support does no good, but if the POSSESSED is facing attacking zombies, then POSSESSED receives a bonus for each token. (Making it roughly speaking 10% harder to hit per token)


Turning your dwarf will change the direction where your dwarf is facing.

move (down/up)

This causes dwarf to switch place with another dwarf next to him. Please notice that dwarves have respect for gravestones...


Sometimes you might just do nothing and save actions for the following rounds. You can "do nothing" as many times you want in succession.


Zombies are much more harder when they are in a group. The chances of zombie strike is close to odds of a die roll where number must be smaller than the number of zombies in one group. Notice that groups in the left are separate from groups in the right (even if 2 groups happen to attack the same dwarf).


There's no hitpoints. One hit and you are dead.