Thinglings is an experimental #1GAM card game project

Buy! (just 0.99 USD)

Thinglings is 100% free to play but you can still buy it for a buck and support the dev!

Print’n’Play! (Physical version)

Requires: A kitchen table.

Play deck: (number indicated how many of them should be in the deck)
Money(x8) / Thingling (x2) / Ally (x3) / Shield (x3) / Tower (x2) / Flag (x3) / Flags (x3) / Big Enemy (x2) / Enemy (x3) / Nothing (x3)
(Total of 32 cards)

Card background :
Card back

Victory points:
Use something to count Victory Points

Download! (Win) (1.9 megs)

Requires: Windows / 800×600 screen minimum (1920p recommended for comfty space) / Mouse / Ability to read English rulebook (scroll below)

Rules of the game

- Thinglings rules at Google Docs (v0.4.2)
- Thinglings rulebook (PDF) (v0.4.2)


Game areas:
VP AREA: VP counter
TURN MARKER AREA: Faceup cards (turn markers)
DISCARD PILE: where discarded cards are put
PLAY AREA: where new cards appear during the game
HOME AREA: Your initial cards (3 money cards)
Each card has COST in the top
Each card has VP value in the bottom

Initial setup:

Gameplay rules summary

* Get VPS, sell cards and check end of game
* Advance turn marker
* Draw 3 cards, discard and then redraw any of them once (remember Ally power)
* Deal with card powers and buy cards


Move card = Left mouse button down (drag)
Collect cards = Hold (left) Shift key
Shuffle cards (no need to hold them) = Middle mouse button OR Space key
Flip a card = Right mouse button or (left) Alt key
Quit = ESC


A card game by Juuso. Art & game design by me. Some Thingling character art inspired by work of Sampo Sikiƶ

One thought on “Thinglings

  1. This is really fantastic!
    I’m really proud that you are part of #1GAM.
    Keep up the amazing work!
    - Christer

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