Thinglings is an experimental #1GAM card game project

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Thinglings is 100% free to play but you can still buy it for a buck and support the dev!

Print’n’Play! (Physical version)

Requires: A kitchen table.

Play deck: (number indicated how many of them should be in the deck)
Money(x8) / Thingling (x2) / Ally (x3) / Shield (x3) / Tower (x2) / Flag (x3) / Flags (x3) / Big Enemy (x2) / Enemy (x3) / Nothing (x3)
(Total of 32 cards)

Card background :
Card back

Victory points:
Use something to count Victory Points

Download! (Win) (1.9 megs)

Requires: Windows / 800×600 screen minimum (1920p recommended for comfty space) / Mouse / Ability to read English rulebook (scroll below)

Rules of the game

Thinglings rules at Google Docs (v0.4.2)
Thinglings rulebook (PDF) (v0.4.2)


Game areas:
VP AREA: VP counter
TURN MARKER AREA: Faceup cards (turn markers)
DISCARD PILE: where discarded cards are put
PLAY AREA: where new cards appear during the game
HOME AREA: Your initial cards (3 money cards)
Each card has COST in the top
Each card has VP value in the bottom

Initial setup:

Gameplay rules summary

* Get VPS, sell cards and check end of game
* Advance turn marker
* Draw 3 cards, discard and then redraw any of them once (remember Ally power)
* Deal with card powers and buy cards


Move card = Left mouse button down (drag)
Collect cards = Hold (left) Shift key
Shuffle cards (no need to hold them) = Middle mouse button OR Space key
Flip a card = Right mouse button or (left) Alt key
Quit = ESC


A card game by Juuso. Art & game design by me. Some Thingling character art inspired by work of Sampo Sikiƶ

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