Scurvy Lobster

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working on a 2D game that goes by the working title: Voyages of Chumbucket Lickin’ Pirates. Every day I spend at least half an hour to work on the game (often that 30 minutes turns into 3 hours).

Currently it’s Day 73. Here’s a screenie about the current progress.





Online multiplayer limberjack mayhem made in 72 hours. Unity3D, Using Photon PUN by Exit games, Pickle Editor for pixel art, Sounds recorded using Samsung Galaxy S3 / app Smart Voice Recorder (44.1kHz), “Wind sound” was made by gently blowing above towards the screen (not to microphone), Audacity for cutting audio

The forest has something spooky… let’s chop things in half.

The main goal of this project was to test if it’s possible to create an online multiplayer action game in 72 hours using Photon PUN. (Got pretty close).

Ludum Dare 31 ratings

Coolness 56%

#104 Graphics (Jam) 4.20

#184 Mood (Jam) 3.52

#206 Humor (Jam) 3.23

#347 Overall (Jam) 3.38

#363 Fun (Jam) 3.24

#611 Innovation (Jam) 2.87

Play at the LD site