Test Your Game Concept Before Starting Development

Phil Steinmeyer wrote an blog entry ‘From Concept To Completion’ which shows how he tested different art concepts before actually started the game development. I find this interesting way to research what you players want. Same testing can be applied to other different aspects as well.

In the end – it’s the players who decide whether they play your game or not. Art made for them is more important than art made for only you.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Dear Sir,

    For some time now I have been working on 2 video game concepts, thefirst started when I was in school trying to make my own comics. The 2nd was really taken from gears of war, coming up with ideas I would like to add from there it grew.

    It is all well and good having these ideas but when they are completed they will just languish about, gathering dust.

    Can you please give some advice on how I can go about trying to get my ideas realised.

    Kind Regadrs,
    Simon Mbugua.

  2. I recall the same approach was taken with GEOM, we took a group of customers and testers and asked them to comment on the new graphics concepts. I was surprised as some of the choices, we stuck with them however and are very happy we did.

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