21 More Ways To Annoy Players

TooNormal gathered bits & pieces to make the total list.

Here were the original 8+1 reasons:

1. Make sure your uninstaller is incomplete and broken.

2. Violate my quick-launch bar.

3. Use program groups/folders named after your company.

4. Release buggy un-tested games.

5. Force installations to the C: drive.

6. Self extracting archives make great installers.

7. Sh*t on my desktop.

8. Don’t test with non-standard or international keyboard layouts.

bonus: 9. Laptops don’t exist.

These ones game from gameproducer.net: (Thanks to our visitors!)

10. Resize and move all the previously opened windows to the upper-left corner of the screen after returning from full-screen mode.

11: Open Game in FULLSCREEN mode without giving me any choice to Open in window, or even CLOSE/EXIT instead.

And here’s some more from Game Studio Forums (I left few away, as they were more bit different, but you can see the missing issues in the TooNormal site if you want)

12. Don’t ask whether a start menu should be created or not.

13. Always install videos on HDD without further asking. Making intro videos extra big and long because there is so plenty of disk space……………….ARGH

14. Install extra tools like media players.

15. Disable CD burning software to avoid warez.

16: Require you to turn off ALL security so all viruses, worms can walk on in from anywhere on the planet.

17: The software manual, including install instructions, is compressed in the CAB file on the CD.

18. Ask if you want to create a folder that doesn’t exist (just create it automatically).

19: Violate other Programs to make them not working.

20: Require a program not on the install disc (like a special direct x version).

21: Use three or more disc’s. one to install and two to change during any game (instead one DVD).

22: Do not allow button configuration.

23: Do not remove all files with uninstall

24: Do not run in fullscreen mode.

25. Always mess around with registry.

26. Use Star-Force copy protection.

27. Just convert your console title without adjusting the menu size, the controls etc.

28. Release bug-fixes only for registered members.

29. Include many unknown logos and animations while start running the game.

30. Get half way through a game only to find out the save feature crashes the game.

If you want to hear TooNormal’s comment, go check his post.

Some of the issues mentioned are big problem, while some are not so critical (like ‘ask whether to create a folder when it does not exist’ is bit annoying, but it’s takes only few secs to get past that issue – so no big deal really).

But, there something really interesting. See how it’s impossible to please everybody: one person (#24) says it should NOT run in fullscreen… while the other guy (#11) says it SHOULD run in fullscreen. Sometimes it’s impossible to build something that would suit everybody…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Kartones: That’s something which unfortunately gets on our (game developers) shoulders… when a big company announces new drivers, it it the game that gets blame. It’s a darn tough job to make the game work on all possible drivers… both old and new. It’s hard, it’s annoying, and unfortunately it’s usually the game makers that get the blame (not the player or the drivers company).

    But – we are made to meet these challenges :)

  2. mmm another one that made me hate some games until weeks later:

    · Do not test your game with up-to-date graphic drivers, so the game crashes or becomes unplayable somewhere.

    KOTOR2-effect. I had to stop playing just because a nasty problem with ATI cards, until ATI made a new catalyst version. Same happened to me while trying Matrix: Path of Neo.

  3. common, full-screen startup is the norm, otherwise your game might look a bit rubbish in windowed mode.

  4. This would be a great shared resource to continue adding to and refining. I really think developers need to start collaborating on this stuff via a wikipedia like resource… or throwing resources up on a wiki once threads like this get going. We keep having these great ‘discussions’ that work on solving developer and design related problems… but the dialog is spread out over multiple blog posts, comments, and articles that everyone keeps feeding off of and responding to. In order to really retain or refine on any of these points we need a better way of collecting and collaborating on data and making it available to the general development population at large.

    There is the recent Game Innovation website:

    Also, there is a discussion going on regarding a Game Design Dictionary over at Only a Game:

  5. #29 is just as annoying when they’re known logos.

    EA especially has a bad habit of making you watch their intro logos _every single time_ you load their games. Not only do I already know that EA made the game and so don’t need to be reminded, but I also just don’t care! I’ve never bought a game because of the publisher, whether they be EA or any other. That’s like going to see a movie because Universal made it. Only the game itself can catch my interest, or the developer if they’ve got a good track record, but never the publisher.

    Luckily you can just delete the intro video files from your installation directory on any EA game and save yourself 15 seconds of extra game loading time.

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