We are progressed enough to get our game project Edoiki for you players to test. I haven’t experimented with pre-ordering before, and for this game I’m going to try it.

Other developers recommend some tactics for pre-orders:
– discounts
– status or special ranks.

If you have good suggestions (besides optimizing the website), feel free to share them. It will help me and others in similar situation.

I haven’t decided the price for Edoiki, but we will propably either start with $19.99 or $29.99. Pre-ordering costs the same. I will add screenshots, concept art, game rules, descriptions in the edoiki.com as the pre-ordering begins.

The status/rank I shall use, very much actually. There is a 3D hand in the game. As players get more wins, their rank will get better and they will get new rings or marks in the hand. I thought about having a small wound for each loss… then you could determine how much a person has played by simply looking at his virtual hand in game. Now, those who pre-order will get a special rank. I haven’t decided it yet, but they could get a special tattoo in their hand, or a special jewelry (or bracelet) that would be available only for those who pre-order the game.

I will make an official press release using the indiegamebusiness.com press release service when the pre-ordering begins.

As mentioned already – this is the first time I’m using pre-orders, so I have no first hand experience about this. This means that I have pretty much nothing to lose. After the pre-ordering period is over, I will have either more experience or experience and money. It’s a win-win situation for us.

I keep you informed on how the experiment goes.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I agree with the above poster.
    A pre order was initialy ment to be cheapr. Or people who pre order should get their product before all other normal orders.
    Giving an added value to the product is a nice idea, but that is usually called limitied or special edition, doesnt it?

  2. You could also think about shipping a pre-version to those who pre-ordered. Perhaps like this, there is a demo available, and the full version is not finished yet, but some people pre-ordered, so you could send them an exclusive “somewhere between demo and full version” game. Of course they’ll get the final product as well, as soon as it’s ready to hit the road (would be very evil to deny this :)))

    Don’t know if that would be cool, because until now I didn’t pre-order and I didn’t offer pre-orders ;) but in some cases this could be a cool feature ;)

  3. Personally, I never do pre-orders. No matter where I pre-order from, the game will shop up late. Since I can’t wait (that’s why you preorder right?) I get the game from somewhere that has it. I’ve been perpetually rolling over $10 at ebGames since I never actually pick the game up from there.

    Win-Win for the developer, usually not for the consumer.

    People that preorder do it to:

    1) Ensure they get the game
    2) Get the game in their hands as fast as possible.

    Should be ever get into pre-orders I would love to do them where people could either download the game early (like Half-Life2 is doing on Steam) or at least ship the game early to those that pre-order.

    THEN, you give people a real reason to preorder, getting the money into your company faster.

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