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I got a very interesting question from one of the gameproducer.net readers:


A funny tought just occured to me and it seems like a potentially interesting question for your web-site. What are the sales statistics made only trough gameproducer.net ?

May be silly, but might be interesting as well as we know what kind of population is among the readers.

I asked this from the authors of OceanDive, and their response was:

I did not notice anything like a sales spike. In fact, as of now we received a just little above 100 visits from people clicking on the links in your article and your site’s front page, so even if your typical audience followed the 1.4% conversion rate rule, the one copy we would sell this way statistically would not be very visible.

As for publisher requests, maybe it revived one discussion with a partner in Russia, but on the other hand we already talked to that company a few weeks ago, so it’s hard to tell whether it was a coincidence or whether they just reconsidered. In any case, I am glad I gave you the data, every little bit of publicity is good thing for both us and your site. It’s a very interesting strategy anyway to give this sort of PR boost via the gameproducer blog to your other development activity.

Week later I asked the same question again, and their response was:

For the month of June, I see about 110 hits in the Apache log that would originate from gameproducer site. With this amount of hits, it’s really hard to see any change in the sales pattern. The daily sales fluctuate quite a bit, one day you get 5 sales and the other 20 sales, etc. all year round. I certainly have not noticed anything resembling a sales spike.

What they can expect:

[1] So basically, while gameproducer.net receives hundreds of visitors each day, not every visitor will click the link. Some of them will, this gives them some traffic.

[2] GameProducer.net rss feed is syndicated in several places, thus making them get clicks from other sites as well, not just from gameproducer.net

[3] If they get 100 clicks, and 1 or 2 people buy the game, that definitely is not going to make a peek in sales (if they get 5 to 20 sales each day all year round).

[4] What they will get though for sure: is page rank (gameproducer.net has quite good google rankings thus giving better ranking to sites that get linked)

[5] Possible media interest from publishers or other contacts (such that might have happened in this case, but as he said: it could been just a coincidence)

[6] Developer interest: sales stats are very interesting reading among developers and this might lead to some kind of developer contacts.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. True, but PR only do not take you to first page in google incase you are not aware. I know that much because I’ve been doing SEO couple of years now. :) It takes other things too to get on first page if search phrase is more competitive.

  2. @NoNam: Maybe google PR (pagerank) isn’t weighting nowadays as much as years back, but it still counts. If somebody is googling for a specific game, he will click most likely the results that appear google’s first page. It makes a difference whether you get the player to get the game from your site, or from other source. Getting your game/site on top in search engines is one part of the mix.

  3. Heh, PR 5 for “main” page and PR 3 for most content pages ain’t “quite good” really :) PR 6 would be good though.

    Anyway, google PR ain’t weighting nowadays as much as it was few years back. Now there are other things that actually have big effect…

  4. Well, after checking out the program due to having been posted here, I did make a purchase, so there’s at least one sale due to GameProducer.net =)

  5. I’d give you some stats if I had any, just to brag about them to other people. :) People knowing about you cannot be counted with page hits.

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