10 Easy Ways to Save Money

One of the best ways to get more money, is to save money. Even small adjustments on daily or weekly purchases will have a big difference in yearly perspective.

Here are some tips for saving money:

[1] Live cheaper: get an appartment where rent is $100 or $50 lower than in your current place.

[2] Buy less beer: even a small decrease in drinks will save you much money.

[3] Spend less time (and money) in pubs: they sell expensive drinks. You can save a lot by simply visiting less in these places.

[4] Don’t buy clothes so often or buy cheaper clothes. Another way to save money.

[5] Don’t buy so much candy, and choose cheaper coke with your pizza. They all taste the same, it’s the brand that costs.

[6] Don’t use car so often, use your feet.

[7] Instead of expensive food, consider purchasing cheaper alternatives. Milk, potatoes, bananas, meat etc. vary greatly depending their brand. Although, don’t eat cheap in the expense of healthy food: be sure to include lots of vegetables and fruits in your shopping cart.

[8] Instead of going to movies, buy cheaper DVDs

[9] Instead of buying cheaper DVDs, rent movies

[10] Instead of renting movies, watch them free on TV

[bonus tip] Instead of watching TV, get rid of it. Won’t save you money directly, but will definitely save your time.

You can save a lot by checking your spending habits on food, car and entertainment. Examine the things you purchase every day or week and make small adjustments. Don’t apply these hints on tools that save your time, or affect your health. It does no good in longer run to use inproper tools and ruin your health.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. These are some really good and practical tips here. Thanks! I’d like to add that in trying to save money with groceries, clip coupons. Most local newspapers have some; and I found some great tips at http://www.saveitbig.com. It’s free!

    I’ll be back soon!


  2. Instead you may live like an Amish or in a cartoon-box ;)
    And what if someone don’t have anything to save from? [it’s impossible to save anything from 0 :P]

  3. Instead of upgrading your pc, buy a gaming console instead. I bought an Xbox (and later an Xbox 360) and since then I haven’t upgraded my pc (which used to cost me a lot of bucks every year).

    An Xbox 360 is about the same price as a single high end graphics card, so it’s a cheap way to get a complete gaming system for 3-4 years.

  4. Juuso: A little cynism never killed anybody. ;)

    But hey, I thought of a comment to #7. This depends a lot on where you live. In Sweden you can save a lot of money by making your own bread – yeast, water, salt and flour. But I’ve heard rumours of how it’s practically impossible to buy cheap regular flour in the US – there’re all these special bread mixes and whatnot instead. Also, macaroni and cheese and stuff like that seems to be pretty inexpensive in the US, but o’er here it’s a lot cheaper to buy ingredients and make pasta with a sauce yourself.

    I agree that there’s always a lot to be saved in groceries, but one probably has to examine the available options where one lives.

  5. Am I the only one who feels that #1-4 are… Well. Unthinkable? I mean, after spending years and years as a poor student, drinking home-made wine, wearing old rags, I at least feel like I’ve earned some luxury in beer and clothing and living accomodations.

    And #5: there’s a definite difference in taste between Coke and cheap cola (IMNSHO). Wouldn’t a better solution be to cut back on pizza and soda, and afford the things you really like at those rare occasions?

    I like the rest of the hints, though!

  6. Here’s one: Don’t own a mobile phone and if you really must have one, only use it for incoming calls or just emergency calls.
    Here’s another: Don’t keep on upgrading your PC. If you play games, try to get out of Sync with “modern” games so you can buy older ones used of EBAY for a fraction the price.

  7. I’d add a few things here…

    * If you’re going to rent movies anyway, go with something like Netflix. I’m on their $10/month plan where I get one movie at a time and go through 5-6/month. Previously, that would have cost anywhere from $15-30/month.

    * If you still have a regular job, pack a lunch instead of buying one. $6-8/meal will cost you $30-40/week. A loaf of bread, cold cuts, and condiments can be sub $10.

    * If it’s going to cost you a few hundred bucks to move (in time or money), moving doesn’t make sense… *but* cutting the cable and your landline might, if you have a neighbor who is willing to share access with you. Wireless routers/cards can be had for as little as $50. This could save you anywhere from $60-100/month.

  8. Great stuff. Here is the greatest tip of all:

    [11] Find a rich husband or wife.

  9. I think I’ll have to remember this when you next invite me round for dinner, drinks and a movie :)

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