GameProducer.net Layout Tweaking – Comments?

I’ve edited the GameProducer.net layout: I’ve added several links (interviews, sales stats, money making opportunities, recommended tools) in the header of the website. This is the first initial version, and I’d like to hear your comments: what would you like to see in the header?

My idea is to gather the most interesting posts, links & resources in the header – give something where new and old readers can get fast into gameproducer.net. I’m going to add ‘How to start game development’ type of articles in the header when I have written them.

In the meantime – what’s your suggestions? Comments? Feedback? Any ideas to make the site better are most welcome!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My impression is that the layout is getting more and more cluttered. (To many links everywhere)
    I presonally admire simplicity. Within reason of course.

  2. It’s a shame you can’t see those kooky signposts to the left anymore; I thought they summed up the nature of the site rather well…

  3. Guys – I try to figure out some way to please both newcomers and those who have been reading Gameproducer.net for some time. Thanks for the input.

  4. WAY too big “header”. It’s painfully obvious that your skills lack on layout design for website. I suggest you ask opinions from REAL professional website designers, not just from some muppets with photoshop and dreamweaver who “think” they know what they do when they don’t.

  5. Nice update to the layout of the website, it’s very helpfull for newcomers like me.
    for suggestions i would like to see some interviews or articles (tricks) dedicated to game programmers (coders).

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