Dragons! Dragons!

IndieGameBusiness.com informed about an interesting contest winners at Shmup-dev.com – A developer site that focuses on the design of shmups (that means shoot’em’ups or shoot-everything-that-moves games). The site’s main focus is to bring attention to a genre which still has a lot of promise in the shareware sphere of casual gaming. The community there is a mix of shareware developers along with freelance artists as well as freeware game designers all the way to shmup-fans.

The contest launched about 3 months ago, and it was named “DRAGON SHMUP” – as the days passed by, more and more people signed up and started announcing their intentions to enter. In the end, many people dropped out of the contest due to lack of time or resources, but the ones that stayed in, surely made some impressive games.

Sovereign’s Slave grabbed first place right ahead of Smark’s Lair. Then at the third place they have hiryu, a cute adventure loaded with retro nostalgia! You can go through the list and see games with graphics and detail all the way down the ranks. With nice titles competing for the first prize, it’s a great time playing each one of them!

Check out Dragon Contest and see the reviews, screenshots, and play some shooters.

Juuso Hietalahti