Challenge #6: Eat That Frog

I read a book by Brian Tracy: Eat That Frog. Besides being a nice book, it carries an important message: focus on doing the tasks that have the greatest impact in your work.

Perhaps it’s a 10 minute phone call you’ve been postponing to “do it later” for weeks. Perhaps you need to code an important module to get the development going. Whatever it is you are procrastinating, I want you to finish the task now, and continue reading after you’ve finished or spend at least one full day 100% dedicated to doing it. After you’ve finished, come back and comment in this blog. Let the others know what task it was, how much it took time to finish, and tell how you feel after you’ve finished the work. I know there’s hundreds of people reading this blog entry today – so that means this entry will be flooded with comments.

And don’t even think about “just reading few more articles”, “just checking your website statistics” or “just answering to couple of emails”.

Stop procrastinating!

Finish the task!


…and come back here to tell us how you feel.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I had read about a man who give his computer to service. The serviceman hadn’t seen any files on his HDD, so he simply formatted his HDD and reinstalled Windows. The client came back next day and cried: “What did you do with my precious files?!” The serviceman answered that there wasn’t any files, and the client replied: “There was, in a trash bin! Now they’re gone!”

  2. ToDo lists works best when written on paper. So use pen and paper and cross out all done points. Now back to finishing stuff :D

  3. That’s a great story SasQ, and believe me – it’s your “internal desire to do things” that got you there. Maybe this post gave you a little “push”, but it could have been some other site or anything that could have given you that push.

    And don’t come back here to read this reply until you’ve finished one more task ;)

  4. I took your advice and stopped reading to focus on my work, not finished from a long time.
    It’s strange, but I couldn’t do it, because I’ve been still thinking about that suspended reading of your blog and can’t focus on my current work! :| It’s the same kind of problem when I can’t suspend my current work and go to sleep before I finish – then I’m still thinking about suspended work in my bed too and can’t sleep.
    So, my conclusion is that eating a frog isn’t a good advice for people like me.
    But… ;J
    When I was laying on my bed that day, on the border between sleep and awake, I was visualising my not finished screen class as it’s finished and work properly, and in that state I’ve suddenly realize that I’ve found a solution of my design problem, which I can’t figure out for a long time! :)
    I woke up from this state and wrote down all that stuff on my dream diary, with all details.
    So, now I’m working on this screen class again and now it’s going on faster than in the past ;)
    I only don’t know if it’s a merit of your advice or it’s something other ;J

  5. I finished loads yesterday, reading the post was part of my normal thing. But yeah I have a text doc To Do list split into different areas and priorities (to help me focus on the import stuff even if I don’t feel like it). Monday is my admin day so it’s all done and the rest of the week I can do fun stuff. However, sometimes the admin runs over into Tuesday (like this week!) I just put on some good trance at http://www.di.fm and just get on with it :-)

  6. Well, Im at the “day job” right now…but I did finish all my pictures for my latest script for my latest project yesterday! I really didnt want to do that since i know my drawing skills needs work!

  7. Personally I just use a text file just on my desktop.

    I always try to do the jobs i dont want to do in the morning so i can do the fun stuff in the afternoon :D

    I always get more done in the morning!

  8. I’m working at a time tracking/management software which is focused on exactly things like that, tracking how much time you spend at something, exactly what percentage of your time goes into eating that frog and what percentage of time you procrastinate, etc. Its at:

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