$113,160.53 Indie Games Sales

There is a very interesting discussion going on at indiegamer.com. One developer asked if it’s “Possible to reach annual income of $100.000 with indie development?”

Look what Cliff Harris brought to us. (Notice: these are not just one year sales)

The total income shows $113,160.53 – and that’s just Plimus sales, doesn’t include any other deals. “Took more than a year, sadly.”, Cliff added.

He has previously shared Democracy sales stats and also sales information for his other games: Asteroid miner and Starship Tycoon.

You can read his interview, where he gives some insight on game production.

Thanks for Cliff, for letting me use the image – and thanks for being inspiration for all of us. Now we have to wait for him to get us sales information for Kudos game.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Anonymous:
    A) If you read the sales stats of other games, you would have noticed that Asteroid miner made 2 figure number sales per month, Starship Tycoon 3-figure numbers, Democracy 4 figure sales per month. It would be wrong to say “20K per year”, it’s more like steadily growing numbers.

    B) word *ONLY* has no place in indie gaming. Any indie game that’s developed or sold is a positive thing for the whole scene.

  2. From the games release dates I’d say 18 months

  3. >Took more than a year, sadly.
    around 5 or 6? So it is just $20k a year.

  4. yeah nice one. Well I figure that this year (my first year) I’ve made just over £2000 in 9 months working part-time, so extrapolated that’s say £2500 a year (around $5000). So to get $100,000 I need to multiply my Indie income by 20 times, which isn’t that much if I a) work more hours on game development, b) make more polished games c) get the games on more portals d) improve marketing etc. I took an IT business that had a £20,000 overdraft and that was losing money to making over £100,000 Net profit per year with only 4 employees, so I’m sure I can do it here too :-)

  5. Wow, congratulations Cliffs for this success with your games! I found it fun for me to recognise Plimus’ screen, except there are 6 digits here where I only have 3 :)
    It can only motivates me and other indies to continue.

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